Toasting Game Strong: 5 Desi Toasts Indians Love

What is your natural morning alarm? For me, it’s the smell of Chai and the sound of my toaster being ready with delicious, crispy toasts. We Indians aren’t short of delicious breakfast options. From the South Indian Upma and Dosa to North Indian Aloo Paratha and Chhole Bhature, Indian cuisine is full of delicious breakfast options. However, for me, the perfect breakfast combo is none other than the OG Chai and toast. No matter what is there in my family’s breakfast menu, my heart can never sway away from toasts. However, sometimes my heart sways excitingly to the smell of the Desi ingredients and spices. The aroma of the Desi breakfasts made me wonder if there is a way to merge both- my favourite breakfast- toasts with the essence of Indian cuisine. This dilemma made me stumble upon some delicious toast recipes that are enriched with Indian flavours. And, I think that many of you must be searching for such Desi deliciousness too. So, here are five exciting Desi toast recipes to get you covered. 

Sooji Toast 

One of my favourite toasts, Sooji toast is “easy-peasy-lemon squeezy”. Can be made in just 20 minutes, Sooji toast is perfect for busy workdays. 

Aloo Toast 

Most Indians cannot live a day without potatoes. So, why not begin the day with potatoes? This Aloo toast is enriched with spinach and “the one” for you if you are trying to eat healthily. 

Bombay Toast

Who doesn’t love relishing a toast filled with veggies? Bombay toast is filled with taste and health and is popular for its interesting flavour and varying textures. 

Masala Toast 

As the name suggests, masala toast is filled with the goodness of some authentic Indian spices. Can be made in just 25 minutes, this Masala toast has a filling of some delicious and healthy veggies. 

Cheeni Toast 

A perfect option for sweet cravings, Cheeni toast smells of nostalgia to me. Zinging with ghee and sugar, Cheeni toast is moreish and aromatic in its way. 

So, here are five scrumptious Desi toasts that you can easily make and relish every morning. Have these with a cup of coffee or Chai and voila!