Tibetan Cuisine: Where To Get The Best Laphing In Delhi?
Image Credit: Tibetan Cuisine

Best 'laphing' is available at these places in Delhi: Do you know why Delhi is famous as Desh Ki Dhadkan? It's because of the market, cuisine, art, culture, theatre, and lots more. So many people from across the world come to the capital, to know its history, while some visit the markets. And foodies like me look for never-explored street and food corners. Tibetan food is one such that has taken the food scene in the capital by storm. While we gorge on momos everywhere, there’s one Tibetan delicacy found in specific restaurants - 'laphing'. It is available in both non-veg and veg. So let's know what it is and at which bases of Delhi you can enjoy this delicious spicy snack. 

What is laphing?

Laphing is a cold and spicy noodle usually eaten as a snack in northeast India. This cold noodle is made from starch derived from moong dal, potato, or wheat flour and then kept overnight with a spicy mix of soy sauce, red chilli, salt, vinegar, garlic, oil, etc. These noodles are stuffed with veg or non-veg fillings as per your choice, cut into medium size and served with spicy sauce. 

Here are four places to enjoy Laphing in Delhi: 

Laphing Wala (Kamla Nagar Market) 

If Majnu Ka Tila is too far from you, you can go to Kamla Nagar Market around the North Campus of Delhi University. Laphing Wala ran quite well as soon as it opened in Kamla Nagar. This small stall serves nuts laphing, dry yellow laphing as well as kimchi laphing. These mouth-watering dishes attract a lot of students living nearby. Here a plate of normal laphing is available for just Rs 50. 

Location: Block UB-9, Chattori Lane, Bungalow Rd, bask side, Kamla Nagar, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi, 110007 

Tenzing Aunty Laphing Stall (Majnu ka Tila)

Majnu ka Tila is a small Tibet in itself. However, this place is popular among the youth due to the delicious laphing sold here—Tenzing Aunty Laphing Stall, outside the Tibet Monastery. You will find options for mild, medium and spicy laphing costing only 40 rupees. 

Location: New Aruna Colony, Majnu-ka-Tilla, New Delhi

Mouth-watering Laphing House (Safdarjung)

There are many cafes and restaurants in Safdarjung Market. But the snack that most people roam around with fervour is laphing which can be customized according to your taste. Along with laphing, you can also enjoy momos and shakes. The cost of a plate of laphing here is 50 to 60 rupees. 

Location: Block B 2, Ch Deepak Marg, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi 

Isori Laphing Center (Majnu Ka Tila)

This laphing point is located in Majnu Ka Tila, but it falls on the other side of the market of Majnu's mound near the handicrafts shop. If you come here, try white soupy noodles with yellow laphing costing around Rs 40 per plate. 

Location: PV82+62H, Majnu-ka-tilla, Delhi, 110054