This Quirky Saree Made Out Of Waste Is Giving Fashion A New Edge; Watch The Video
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, Chips packet for a saree is possible now!

The pandemic locked us into our homes for quite a long time. In the meanwhile, some donned the chef hat, making dalgona coffees and oreo pakodas, while some others were busy getting themselves in shape. Then there were those who utilized their makeup skills in grooming themselves and others online. What appeared the most were bizarre food trends and some crazy fashion hacks. Remember the time when everyone started wearing their scarves as tops? Of course, you do. 

Well, it is quite interesting to see how creativity can help you to put things to unknown uses. Something similar happened recently when a blogger wore a saree made out of potato chips packets and posted a reel. Shared by Instagram user on her page, the video has been posted with a trending audio. Here, take a look. 

Source: Mae.Co.In/Instagram 

In the video, as the audio says, “She was like oh my god, I can’t wear that so I was like let me show you how to Abracadabra”. The blogger transitions from her normal clothes into a saree made from several packets of Lays. The blue-coloured packet of Lays which is the magic masala flavour was used to created the border of the saree as well as the loose end of the saree. The rest of the saree is made by turning the packets inside-out, giving the attire a beautiful contrast of blue and silver. 

The video has truly brought food and fashion lovers together with caption, highlighting how something innovative and creative can be done with the waste. We might not tell you how to make a dress or a saree but we can definitely tell you what to do with your leftover potatoes. 

1.  Leftover Potato Chat Tacos 

Crunchy, hard-shell tacos are the perfect ones for this recipe. Take some leftover dry potato bhaji and spruce it up with some spices. Squeeze some lime juice on it and stuff it into the tacos. 

2.  Leftover Potato Pancakes 

Wake up in the morning and find mashed potatoes in the fridge? You can actually make breakfast from them. Mix the potatoes with eggs, garlic, sour cream and spices like chillies, thyme and other herbs. Spread it on a pan and make thick savoury pancakes. 

3.  Leftover Potato Doughnuts 

All you need are some leftover potatoes, eggs, milk, butter and sugar. Mix all of this in self-raising flour and pour it into the doughnut moulds. Bake them in an oven and enjoy!