Ideal Body Weight: Know These 5 Key Things Related To It
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How Can One Maintain Ideal Body Weight And A Healthy Lifestyle? There has been a lot of disputed clamour over an ideal weight. But is there a set of perfect weights? The answer is different for different people. What should be weight at a particular age? The ideal weight depends on many aspects of the person, from age, height to occupation and many more factors. This also varies between women and men. Let us tell you what an ideal weight is.

What is the ideal weight? 

The ideal weight of a person depends on the muscles. However, perfect weight does not mean that it should remain the same in every situation. It is natural for the weight to fluctuate according to time. Ideal weight should be a certain weight based on your age and length. The BMI, i.e. body mass index, is considered the international standard for your perfect weight. 

Generally, a healthy person's BMI should be from 23 to 30. Less than 23 BMI is underweight, and over 30 is overweight. Being skinny means that your whole body's functioning is adversely affected. Obesity, heart disease, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, and joint pain begin with being overweight.

Key things related to ideal weight

  1. Formulas such as body mass index (BMI) help determine the ideal weight. 
  2. Every person's work, activities and lifestyle are different, so the fat ratio to the body will also be different. 
  3. An ideal weight does not mean that the body remains in the same position; the weight changes according to time and circumstances. 
  4. Regular gym-goers or wrestlers have more weight. Because their muscle weight is more than the fat present in the body, the BMI of exercisers will always be higher. 
  5. Ideal weight varies between women and men. If the length of a woman is 5 feet, then her weight should be around 45-46 kg. If the length of a man is 5 feet, then his weight should be more than 48 kg.

In this way, the ideal weight depends on gender, size, and body structure. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical advice if you wish to achieve a particular weight as per your structure.