These Palak Paneer Fusions Spell Indulgence In Every Bite

Palak Paneer needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular Indian curries known to us. This absolutely delicious and finger-licking dish has a creamy texture and is of vibrant green colour. It is made with spiced spinach gravy with paneer in it. For vegetarians, this dish is everything because of many good reasons. 

When I say good reasons, it just does not mean that this dish is delicious but comes with several health benefits. This Indian dish is packed with vitamin C, iron, and calcium. It goes well with parantha, roti, naan, and even rice. How amazing it is!! But do you know this delicious dish has so many other forms as well? Wanna know what are those? See the list below.

Palak Paneer Tikki

Tikki is one of the most loved snacks of Indians especially the North Indians who are obsessed with it. This time, tikki has a palak paneer version and it is easier to make as well. At the time of making tikkis, you just have to mash palak paneer with potatoes and do the rest of the process as it is. Once you try this, you won’t go back to your regular tikki.

Palak Paneer Dosa 

Our beloved dosa has evolved into several flavours but this one is my favourite. In this palak paneer dosa, spinach paste is mixed with dosa batter and instead of a normal aloo filling, the palak paneer curry (a little drier maybe) is added in between. You can guess how tasty it is going to be.

Palak Paneer Roti

You may have had palak ka parantha or paneer ka parantha a hundred times but have you ever had palak paneer ka parantha or roti ever? If not, then you must try this. When the dough for roti is kneaded, palak paneer sabji is put into the dough. If you don’t want to add palak paneer curry, you can add spinach paste and paneer separately. That still would be palak paneer, right?

Palak Paneer Idli

Why should dosa have all the fun? Yes, you can even make idlis with palak paneer. Just like you did with dosa, you can add palak paneer curry in the idli batter and do everything as it is. You will get green coloured idlis and their taste is going to be amazing. Try it the next time you make idlis.

Palak Paneer Pulao

This green-coloured pulao is loved just not only for its colour but for its amazing flavour as well. Just when you make a normal pulao, you can a spinach gravy and paneer cubes it. This dish is best to be made at home or even when guests come over. You can pair this pulao with raita or even simple curd. 

Palak paneer just made our regular dishes so amazing. Try making all these dishes at home and sizzle up your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this palak paneer touch. Try making all these dishes and let us know which one you loved the most!