Tried These Crazy Vada Pav Twists Yet?

If you are a street-food lover and have got a chance to visit Maharashtra, you just could not deny that vada pav is a gem. Those who are from Maharashtra know as vada pav is literally their survival savior. Isn't it? We can just admire how beautifully vada pav vendor dips perfectly shaped ‘batata vada’ into hot oil and then cover it in pav surrounded with unique chutney and green chilies. Simple but delicious! Can anything be better than this?

Let us take you a little back to its history. Actually, vada pav is said to be originated by a person named Ashok Vaidya. Somewhere in 1960s, Balasaheb Thackeray had appealed to local people to become entrepreneurs just like the South Indians who had set up Udupi restaurants. Ashok Vaidya, motivated by this appeal, set up a vada and poha stall outside Dadar railway station. Right near his stall, was a stall of omelet pav. Since a thousand of people passed through the station, his business started to flourish. One day, he experimented with vada and place in between a pav along with some chutney. The rest is history!

Since then, vada pav has managed to hold its position in the hearts of people. But in last few years, people have started experimenting with this vada pav too. They have done crazy twists to this vada pav and these twists are something that you cannot miss. Let us take you through some of them. Don't miss it!

Cheese Vada Pav 

Yes, our classic vada pav gets a cheesy spin. Though there is no comparison to the taste of the authentic vada pav, this cheese vada pav is truly a delight. The way cheese melts in your mouth, it feels like you need nothing else. Must try!

                                     Image credits: Instagram/hungrito

Vada Pav Quesadilla 

This is something you wouldn’t have guessed. This dish perfectly bridges the gap between Indian and Mexican food that too very easily. Vada pav quesadilla is something that you can grab when you want to have the classic taste but without the guilt of having deep-fried potatoes. You can also use leftover rotis to get this dish made.

                                          Image credits: Instagram/merisahelimagazine

Sriracha Vada Pav

If you don’t enjoy food unless it is spicy, this vada pav variant is for you. Believe me, this would be spiciest vada pav you will ever have. Made with sriracha sauce, this vada pav has a sharp zing and can wide open your mind in just one bite. Try it yourself!

Schezwan Vada Pav 

If you have equal love for both Chinese and street food, Schezwan vada pav is your thing. This unique vada pav has crispy fried noodles and a lots of Schezwan sauce that gives it the lip-smacking taste. Next time, try this vada pav instead of the regular one.

Maggi Vada Pav 

We love vada pav and we also love maggi but what happens when these two come together? It becomes maggi vada pav. Everything remains the same, the vada, the pav and the chutney. The new entry is of maggi dropped over the vada and between the pav. You can make this simple but weird concoction at home and even serve to guests in parties if you like.

                                         Image credits: Instagram/swethalfood

I personally would not have guessed that our evergreen vada pav could evolve into so many types. Let us know if you know any other crazy and unique twist to this vada pav!!