The chilly winter days have already given way to the bounty of spring, and it’s time for us to prepare for one of India’s most awaited festivals - Holi. The ‘festival of colours’ is less than 10 days away, and we know you are busy getting ready for it. From getting your cheeks smeared with gulaal to dodging water balloons at your friends, Holi is a fun affair altogether. However, a foodie heart will always look for decadent foods to indulge in every single occasion and Holi is no different. 

With an array of delicious food and beverages synonymous to the festival, it is hard to stop ourselves from gorging on them. One of these signature beverages is thandai. Typical to the festivals of Holi and Shivratri, thandai is a classic Indian beverage. A delicious melange of fennel seeds, milk, saffron, magajtari seeds, rose petals, almonds, pepper, cardamom pods and sugar, thandai is a must-have during Holi for many Indians. Bollywood Holi scenes barely go without thandai in them and that proves the popularity of the drink during the ‘festival of colours’. Are you also planning to make thandai this Holi? Here are five recipes you can try.

1. Rose Thandai

Rosewater, rose essence and rose petals - this rose thandai has everything in it. Irresistibly delicious, aromatic and flavourful, rose thandai is one of the best drinks to serve to your guests this Holi.

2. Mango Thandai

As we are all set to welcome summers, it’s definitely a brilliant idea to indulge in the season’s best fruit - mangoes. So, why not jazz up our Holi celebrations with the same? This mango thandai is filled with the essence of mangoes and will leave you asking for more. Try it this Holi and let us know how it turned out.

3. Thandai Smoothie

Enjoying a creamy and smooth thandai-flavoured drink is enough to amp up your Holi celebrations. Made with vanilla ice cream, full-fat milk and fresh curd, this thandai smoothie is all things delicious and lip-smacking.

4. Paan Thandai

How about a thandai that’s enriched with the goodness of paan? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Try this paan thandai this Holi to make your family and friends drool over it. The flavours of cashews, almonds, cardamom, fennel seeds and rose petals will surely leave them gobsmacked for real.

5. Thandai Spiced Rabri

Filled with the goodness of spices that go into thandai, this spiced rabri is one of the most flavourful desserts to relish on Holi. Topped with almonds, pistachios and saffron, this rabri recipe is the one to bookmark for a wholesome Holi dessert.