The Latest Fire Kulhad Momos Could Be Next On Every Momo Lover’s List
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, We've got some yummy momos recipes inside.

The momo obsession in Delhi is for real. Like every nook and corner of the city is full of golgappa and chaat vendors, the momo vendors have increased with equal pace. Like Mumbai is synonymous with vada pav, momos, though not originating here, have become synonymous with Delhi in India. So much so, that you’ll find a plethora of momo varieties being sold at different restaurants and food carts. Momos, for the uninitiated, are pear-shaped dumplings made from all-purpose flour and filled with vegetables, meat and more. They can be steamed, fried or pan-fried. 

In fact, you have novel techniques of making momos too like tandoori momos or afghani momos. However, these fire kulhad momos are a case in point. Recently, a food blogger called @chatore_broothers took to their Instagram handle to share a reel of these unique method of making momos and we are quite amazed. The caption mentions that these momos are available at Rabbit Lee Café in East Delhi. Here is what we've been talking about. 

Source: Chatore Broothers/Instagram 

In the video, the man begins by making a creamy mixture wherein he adds chopped onions, coriander, small paneer cubes and sweet corn. He then sprinkles loads of masalas like chilli powder and salt. He pours oodles of plain mayonnaise as well as a tandoori sauce. He mixes all of this together and then brings the fried momos. These momos are thrown in the mixture and mixed well. Next, he brings several kulhads and places them on the table. He fills each one with the momo mixture and garnishes them with umpteen amounts of grated cheese. Finally, he gives the dish its heroic element i.e. fire. He fires up the kulhads with an electric flame and your fire kulhad momos are ready. 

So much talk of momos is making us hungry. You too? Here are some momos recipes that you can try to satiate your cravings. 

1.  Tandoori Momos 

If you’re bored with the same old steamed and fried varieties, we suggest that you try these delicious tandoori momos tonight. Prepare a spicy filling of vegetables including cabbage, onions, carrots and the like. Fill the momos with these finely-chopped veggies, slather them with a special paste and dunk them in a tandoor for a fiery taste. 

2.  Honey Chicken Momos 

We know it can be hard to bear the hot and spicy momos ki chutney at times. Yet you can’t eat a single momo without it. So we have these honey chicken momos to balance the heat. Savour them along with your favourite red chutney. 

3.  Afghani Momos 

Slathered with a creamy and cheesy sauce, the afghani momos are a delight to the taste buds. The momos are usually fried first and then covered in a yoghurt-based sauce. This fares really well for a moist momo dish along with a hot and spicy chutney on the side.