The Health Ministry Going Healthy This Year With Elimination Of Fried Foods From The Canteen
Image Credit: The new move will have a healthy canteen at the Union Health Ministry.

As Indians, our love for everything fried and crispy takes over the healthy thoughts in our heads and we can’t resist the sight of a deep-fried samosa or a crispy vada pav. These are just a few examples. There are many other Indian snacks which tempt our tongues and make our mouths water. However, our health goes down the drain in this process. We have plenty of examples of well-known personalities who follow a healthy lifestyle and diet regime. Take Salman Khan for instance. Most of us are aware of the fact that he cycles to his workplace and shooting spots so as to exercise. Even Akshay Kumar prefers to wake up early and sleep on time at night. 

These famous personalities act as an inspiration for us. The latest source of our motivation is the health ministry. In an effort to build a healthier India, charity has begun at home. The Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has brought about a significant change in the department by eliminating the availability of fried foods from the canteen menu. A fitness enthusiast who cycles 20 kilometers in a day has expressed his desire to bring about this move since he resumed office last year, as per The Republic World. 

Samosas and patties are being replaced with vegetable pohas, dal chillas and more at the Union Healthy Ministry. For lunch, millet rotis and pulaos along with rich and healthy curries are being proposed. All the food will be made available to the staff at nominal charges ranging from INR 10-INR 25. This will encourage the ministers to eat healthy and stay active. These healthy snacks and meals are being tested to understand the acceptance by the staff so that it can be taken to the next level. 

Well, if the Health Ministry is moving towards a healthier India so can we. Here are some healthy recipes to replace your unhealthy snacking. 

1.  Sprouts Bruschetta 

Layer your bread pieces, also known as croutons, with some green gram and masoor sprouts. The crunchy bread is doused with a healthy and flavourful sprouts mixture that you can eat without guilt. 

2.  Makhana 

Also known as foxnuts, makhana are a healthy snack and a superfood. You might have heard several celebrities munching on them in between shoots. Toss them in ghee and season with salt and pepper and you are good to go. They are easily digestible. 

3.  Bajra Roti 

Filled with fenugreek leaves, yoghurt and jaggery, the roti is made from bajra flour. The roti is mixed with chilli garlic paste and some other spices and makes it a wholesome meal, to be eaten with curd or just like that.