How The World Likes Its Burgers? 5 Yummy Recipes
Image Credit: From mushrooms to bun kebabs, when it comes to burgers around the world, there are options galore.

First things first, I’m a huge burger lover. Be it the simple aloo tikki and bun combination or a chargrilled meaty burger, I love them all. One reason why I love burgers is that they cannot be shared. Trust me, I’ve tried breaking it into two and it gets damn messy. Unlike pizza, you needn’t think too much about the toppings. Select your patty, your choice of sauce and veggies and you are done. My favourite is the classic chicken cheese burger. With the advent of globalization, we’ve got a plethora of fast food joints, particularly burger and pizza joints in the capital like Mc Donalds, Burger King to name a few. 

The origins of this loved fast food can be traced back to ancient Rome. Yes, that’s right. The foundation of the first burger was laid in first century A.D. The minced meat was relished with nuts and wine. It was only later that beef came into play and finally, the meat was spiked with spices to make a patty. The present-day burger bun seems to have many claimants, from an American hamburger chain to New Yorkers. While the answer to who put the patty in a bun and made it into a burger remains unclear, the fact that we can relish this delicious sandwich bun combination today is enough to satiate our curiosity. 

Around the world, people have been enjoying burgers with their own variations and adaptations. Here are some of the best burgers from different parts of the globe that you can gobble down. 

1.  Frita Cubana 

A spicy mixture of ground beef is placed on the lower half of the bun which is slathered with red onions, Cuban rolls, shoestring potatoes and ketchup. The soft bun is tossed on a pan before sandwiching all the ingredients in it. This burger variety was invented in Havana, somewhere between 1930-1950. 

2.  Mushroom Burgers 

These types of burgers are very popular in Australia. A thick mushroom patty is laden with lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. The soft and chunky Portobello mushrooms are used for making the patty. Generally, gruyere cheese is used in these burgers. 

3.  Ramen Burgers 

This is a very famous hamburger variety in the United States of America. It is believed to have been invented by a blogger in 2013 after which ramen burgers became common place. The specialty of these burgers lies in the fact that the buns are made of fried ramen buns with beef patty, scallions and other delicious toppings sandwiched between them along with shoyu sauce. 

4.  Bun Kebabs 

This is the Pakistan adaption of burgers. Dunked with a spicy beef patty, the bun kebabs feature tomatoes, grilled onions and tangy green chutney to give it a desi touch. The interesting bit lies where the toasted bun is topped with a fried egg. These type of burgers are a popular street food snack in Pakistan. 

5.  Vada Pav 

Yet another desi version of burgers, this one is an iconic street food of Mumbai. The buns are smaller in size and are packed with batter-fried potato balls, smothered with red and green chutney and served with a green chilli on the side.