Taapsee Pannu’s Diet Plan Is The Secret To Her Fitness
Image Credit: Taapsee Pannu/Instagram, The actress doesn't refrain from eating anything that she likes.

What defines a true-blue Punjabi? Love for food, for sure. Among many, Taapsee Pannu’s love for food is unmatched. The Bollywood actor, who was born and brought up in Delhi and has also worked in South Indian cinema, has not forgotten her Punjabi roots. No wonder her favourite food is Chole Bhature and we’re guessing that she’ll be having that for her birthday too today.

Revealed by her nutritionist in an interview with a leading media publication, Taapsee loves to indulge in this Delhi-style street food consisting of puffed, deep-fried bread with a spicy chickpea curry. While many actors refrain from eating their favourite foods and cut down on several things, Taapsee’s fitness mantra is all things unconventional. She believes in eating whatever she likes.

Chole Bhature

This is not to say that she’s always found with a plate of greasy and oily food. Rather, the Pink actor knows how to balance her cravings with diet very well. Along with an interesting exercise routine that consists of different sports activities, the actor follows a healthy diet that includes things like milk, paneer and ghee. In fact, ghar ka khana is her favourite and a paratha with ghee would be an ideal meal for her, according to a report by a leading media publication.

However, on a regular basis, she starts her day with warm water and some walnuts. Her breakfast is usually a combination of protein and carbs, which consists of eggs and bread. While lunch is a wholesome meal consisting of roti, rice, and vegetables, her dinner reportedly is usually a light and healthy soup that she consumes before eight o’clock in the evening.

Apart from puris and parathas, she also likes to eat South Indian food like masala dosa every once in a while. Think of snacking and what comes to the actor’s mind are dry fruit and oatmeal bars. In fact, sometime last year, she also posted something on her Instagram while shooting for an upcoming project and captioned it saying, “Not a protein bar kind of person”. She was seen having healthy besan ladoos with ghee, coconut, nuts and gond and called them “Protein energy balls”.

Given the interesting diet Taapsee follows, it comes as no surprise that she has been working on fitness-based biopics of several athletes in the past. Also, another thing that the actor cannot resist is a slice of cake in her vicinity. Seems like today she’ll be having more than just a slice!