Taapsee Discovers A Scandinavian Favourite That Is Made From Leftovers
Image Credit: Taapsee Pannu/Instagram, An open sandwich made with rye bread that served as lunch for agricultural workers.

It is rightly said that a place is best understood through its culture and cuisine, more emphasis being on the latter. The food that people eat and the taste palates of a place are important determinants of cultural associations, thinking patterns and moods. All layered up in her sweater vest and shirt, Taapsee Pannu is enjoying her vacation in Denmark to the core. The true Punjabi girl from Delhi who began her career as an actor in Tamil and Telugu films, Taapsee got a break in Bollywood with Chashme Badoor. She went on to do several great films like Pink and give us characters and stories with a cause. Another aspect of this bubbly actress is her love for food. 

Taapsee lives up to the true Punjabi expectations with her immense love of parathas and ghee, as revealed in some interviews. A self-confessed foodie also shared her guilt binge on Instagram a while back and we aren’t surprised that it is Chole Bhature. After all, the Delhiites cannot live without a dose of Chole Bhature every once in a while. 

Moving on from her regional favourites, she encountered a specialty in Denmark. Currently vacationing in the Scandanavian country, Taapsee shared a post of herself with some coffee and pastries a few days back. And now she’s having this delectable sandwich from Denmark called Smorbrod. Correctly spelt as Smorresbrod, it is an open-face sandwich that is popular across the Scandanavian region. 

Source: Pixabay

If you’ve been intrigued by Smorresbrod, here’s a recipe that you can try.