A hard-core foodie and a fitness freak at the same time, it seems like food runs in the genes of this Delhi-based actress. Taapsee Pannu is one of the few actors who is known for her bold and fearless characters as well as personality in real life. While her Denmark trip pictured several touristy spots and drool-worthy food, she is back to her diet. How do we know this? Because we caught her snacking on something healthy in between her meals. It was a bowl full of strawberries. 

A desi at heart who loves home-cooked meals more than anything else, Taapsee indulges in Chole Bhature and other such stuff once in a while only. On vacations, her gastronomic grubs are a treat to watch. From fennel tea and pastries to smorresbrod, Taapsee made the most of her time in the Scandinavian nation by enjoying their local specialties. Seems like she is trying to get back on track with her fitness and diet as she shared a picture of her bowl of fruits on her Instagram stories. Taapsee posted a picture of a bowl of bright pink strawberries, overlooking a pleasant view outside the window. The Thappad actress captioned it saying, “Mid meal time!”.

Source: Pixabay

While strawberries are generally grown during the warm months of March and April in India, it seems like Taapsee is still in a different time zone. In several parts of the world, the strawberry season begins from June and lasts for one or two months. That’s why we’re guessing that Taapsee is enjoying fresh strawberries at this time of the year. Do you know that Mahabaleshwar is the strawberry capital of India? With a vast production of this sweet fruit in the region, it makes the hill station in Maharashtra account for 85% of strawberries in the country.

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There are plenty of other berries like mulberry and gooseberry that are also grown here. These berries have great taste as well as nutritional value. Strawberries, for instance, have a good amount of vitamins and fibre which is beneficial for the body. They also have low cholesterol and are full of antioxidants. The mulberries aid in regulating blood sugar levels, along with preventing fatty liver. To boost immunity and improve heart health, gooseberries are a great addition to your diet. 

You can use these berries in your fruit and salad bowls, add to your sandwiches as well as make smoothies and other drinks. Here are a few recipes to try. 

1.  Strawberry Smoothie

A thick, creamy and rich breakfast idea, strawberry smoothie is quite filling too. The fresh strawberries are blended together with some raspberries, almond milk and Greek yoghurt. Add to this, some chunks of bananas and cashew butter so that the drink becomes really smooth and thick. Vanilla extract is added for a tinge of flavour. 

2.  Mulberry Muffins

While most muffins have too many calories, these ones are low on calories and high on taste. Made with fat free sour cream, skim milk and all-purpose flour, the muffins turn out soft and gooey. They have a flavour of applesauce and almond extract which makes them unique. Place your mulberries on top and bake them to perfection. 

3.  Gooseberry Pie 

The crusty outer layer complements the sweet and soft filling inside the gooseberry pie. Made with only a few ingredients, you need some fresh gooseberries, tapioca, salt and milk to make this pie. Filled with sugar and the natural sweetness of gooseberries, this is a must-try.