Sweets Are Kriti Sanon’s Go-To Cheat Meal: Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Kriti Sanon/Instagram, She enjoys desserts as part of her cheat meal.

When someone’s really fit and active, it is common to assume that they lead a healthy lifestyle. While a few Bollywood celebrities are known to be fitness freaks, there are some others who really like satisfying their cravings more than hitting the gym and yet not gaining weight. Kriti Sanon is one of them. The actor is a die-hard foodie and sweet meat lover and cannot say no to a slice of chocolate cake.

It might be hard to believe this at first, given her fit and gorgeous looks and glowing skin. But the fact is that Kriti has a great metabolism and doesn’t exercise very frequently either. Moreover, you would spot her eating her favourite cakes and chocolates when she’s cheating on her diet. This time, we saw her with a box full of macaroons. She took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of her sweet indulgence.

It consisted of what looked like stuffed macaroons in three different fillings. While one was filled with chocolate and walnuts, the second was covered in thick chocolate. Finally, the third one was doused with pistachios in between the buns. The entire box looked very tantalising and made us drool right away. She even tagged the patisserie from where her friend sent the sweet meats to her.


However, this isn’t the first time that the actress was having sweets. At the same time last year, she was caught relishing ghewar during monsoon. Since the Indian sweet is a quintessential monsoon favourite, the dessert made way into Kriti’s sweet cravings. The malai-covered rich and creamy mithai was devoured by her to the core in the morning itself.

Another Indian sweet that is her all-time favourite is gulab jamun. For the unversed, the khoya balls are deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup to form gulab jamuns. The Mimi actress also enjoys street food a lot and revealed in a chat show that she can hog on countless pani puris and loves the ones sold by street vendors.