These Luxury Sweets Are All About Indulgence
Image Credit: Khoya sweets

Ever thought about having some ladoo made with Single origin Malabar chocolate, freshly made khoya and lightly roasted desiccated coconut. Indian sweets are seeing makeover and the luxury sweet market is all out there giving some of the best of the traditional sweets like Chandrakala Gujia, Pink Coconut Ladoo, MOTI PAK, Besan Barfi Ladoos, Urad Dal Pinnis, Gur Til Ladoos And More. 

And so Khoya has taken the initiative to bring some fresh hand-rolled mithais, that are made with high-quality natural ingredients with zero artificial colouring or preservatives and are 100% vegetarian. Not to miss that mithais have always been part of Indian culinary system for ages and they have made their presence in every occasion. And so Khoya sweets is setting new all new benchmark with some really unique flavours that sees unique history which makes each bite meaningful. At Khoya Mithai every mithai is sees a processes are then refined and a series of trials are commenced upon. All the recipes are made with organic sugar, and no preservatives or artificial colours are used in the kitchen. The essence behind each Khoya Mithai is the purity and freshness of ingredients used in making their sweets.

This luxury brand of traditional Indian Mithai, started by Sid Mathur sees specially curated recipes that are traditional and true to Indian heritage. It’s all about  

The specially curated Khoya ladoos is the perfect sweet for the season; it includes a well-crafted range of Laddoo’s which are a winter staple in most Indian households. The box consists of-

Organic Gur Til Laddoo, a healthy laddoo made with Organic Gur and toasted Sesame seeds. Sesame’s high oil content is nourishing and helps keep warm in winters. Jaggery is known to boost immunity and treats cold and cough.

Panjiri Laddoo- Highly nourishing mix of roasted wheat flour, dry fruits and ghee, this laddoo is known widely for its health benefits. It soothes the body from within, boosting energy and maintaining immunity.

Besan Barfi laddoo- A winter staple, besan is an excellent source of antioxidants and helps clear the nasal tract. Made with high-quality superfine besan and enriched with the goodness of ghee, this melt in the mouth laddoo brings back the memories of childhood.

Moong dal laddoo- Moong a staple in North Indian households is rich in potassium and magnesium. This laddoo is made by slow roasting the lentil and then grinding it to the perfect consistency.   

The mithai is put together in aesthetically designed boxes which are made with 100% food grade materials. The essence behind each Khoya Mithai is the purity and freshness of ingredients used in making their sweets.