Holi 2022- These Sweets Are Redefining Tradition
Image Credit: Nihira

Holi is all about the joy of being together - enjoying an evening of colors with friends, embracing positive energy, recharging yourself with cool thandai, and indulging in traditional sweets that leave you wanting for more. And it’s time for some handcrafted, fancy sweets to indulge yourself this Holi. 

It’s interesting to see how Indian sweets have seen a makeover of the past years and what we get to taste today is absolutely a modern version of our simple humble Ladoo or barfi maybe. These luxury mithai makers are spinning the sweet story very creatively 

Here are three sweet brands that are one must indulge this Holi


Khoya has launched specially curated Holi hampers. Enjoy the sweet taste of traditional Chandrakala Gujias with Khoya’s Box of 9 available in 3 delicious flavors - Classic Khoya, Walnut, and Coconut available for ₹1000. Relish the rich taste of Classic Khoya which has a scrumptious filling of fresh khoya, dry fruits, saffron, and toasted desiccated coconut. What makes the classic khoya a timeless sweet is its soft and juicy texture that comes from the gujia being lightly soaked in sugar syrup. For walnut lovers, opt for the Walnut Gujias that make for the perfect dessert option with the roasted walnuts giving it a distinct and unique flavor. Coconut Gujias are here to give your tastebuds a refreshing change with a filling of cashew paste, khoya, pistachio, and lightly toasted coconut. With these with exquisite sweets from Khoya Holi will be extra sweet. 

Nihira- Luxury Sweets

Nihira is all about luxury Mithais that meshes the old with the new, traditional with modern, but keeping the experience and taste close to home. With a modern twist to the traditional sweets, mother daughter duo Subha and Arshya Aggarwal started this brand. Be it some boozy delights Whiskey Ladoo, Red Wine Ladoo, Champagne Ladoo or the Jagerbomb Ladoo or even the indulgent bites like Cheesecake Barfi and Tiramisu Barfi, Nihira will surely give your Holi a facelift with a difference. It’s not just ladoo here but also some barfis or panjiri. 

The Tiramisu Chandrakala that sees, coffee shots & cream, inspired from the Italian favourite and converted into a Gujiya and the MOJITO LADOOS, Ticklish zest of lemon emerging with the winter of mint dancing on your taste buds as you swallow this ladoo, Apple Pie Gujiya Wrap, have been specially designed keeping Holi in mind is surely for that unforgettable for you and your loved ones.


Chef duo Ashay Dhopatkar and Neha Lakhani is the mastermind behind this luxury sweet brand. This brand is all about celebrating Indian traditions and passion with the centuries old art of Indian Mithai. Known for their Handcrafted organic ingredients and only natural favours, void of any artificial additives & flavourings, using local and ethically sourced produce, their sweets are changing the tone of how one had perceived mithai till date. From the Besan Truffle (besan laddoo with dark Belgian chocolate truffle filling), Malterine Marmalade (tangy malta and tangerine with gurmandi almond paste), Caramel Pedha (Mathura ka peda with a dulce de leche centre), and more. Even their  boxes are made from biodegradable material, are recyclable and truly environment friendly.