Surat Street Vendor's Flying Falooda Showmanship Goes Viral
Image Credit: Instagram/the__bearded__foodie

Have you ever heard of Surat's incredible "Flying Falooda"? Surat's street vendors are gaining popularity not only for their huge quantities but also for their compelling showmanship in attracting audiences. Just a few days ago, a street food vendor specialising in massive amounts of pav bhaji went viral on social media.

Another stall, this one featuring falooda, has recently captured the attention of different platforms. What makes it so appealing? It's all in the assembly of the falooda. A video of the famous "Surat's Flying Falooda" was published on Instagram by food blogger Raj Patel (Instagram: @the__bearded__foodie), and it quickly went viral. While some users have expressed concern over possible cross-contamination, many others have praised the street vendor's remarkable talents and colourful spirit.

The viral internet video starts out with a street vendor skillfully making five servings of falooda at once. He deftly holds the cups in one hand while adding various ingredients, such as chia seeds and rooh afza, with incredible skill. But as the vendor continues to improve the performance, the actual show comes into view. He orchestrates a faultless descent while expertly tossing ice cream scoops into the air, ensuring that each one lands in the appropriate glass of falooda. Notably, a trio of ice cream scoops—mango, pistachio, and black currant—are placed in each glass, giving colour and flavour to the eye-catching display.

The video, which was shot at the Hanumante Falooda shop in Chowk Bazaar, has gained a lot of attention and has amassed an astonishing total of over one million views on Instagram. The dish's viral notoriety has increased its popularity outside of Surat, and it currently has 49,500 likes. Chefs and dessert connoisseurs alike have been motivated as a result to set out on their own quests to replicate this amazing culinary creation.

The vibrant city of Surat, which is located in the Gujarat state of India, is home to a wide variety of mouthwatering street foods. A beloved Indian dessert called falooda is typically made with vermicelli noodles, fragrant milk, rose syrup, and a variety of garnishes like almonds, fruits, and basil seeds. Don't miss the opportunity to see the Flying Falooda's enthralling talent if you're fortunate enough to find yourself in Surat. Take advantage of the chance to enjoy its delicious flavours and the sense of awe it so readily arouses.