A Delhi Street Vendor Goes Viral Online For His Healthy Wraps

The internet has contributed a lot to the success of many businesses. Its reach has given many people a large number of audiences to express their views and showcase their talents. Even the food industry uses social media as a platform to promote its recipes and culinary skills. From street vendors to chefs, you will find videos of everyone here.

These videos get a lot of views and attention, which helps the creators grow their businesses. Till now, many underrated food stalls, cooks, and outlets have gained a lot of appreciation and new customers for their efforts, skills, and unique recipes. Recently, a street vendor has gone viral on the internet for selling healthy and exotic wraps on the streets of Delhi. Here is the video. Take a look:

Video Credits: @utsamadan/YouTube

We are all fond of street foods, but it is a fact that most of them are unhealthy. It is due to the use of high-calorie ingredients and unhygienic methods of cooking them. No doubt the taste is amazing, but eating them increases the risk of stomach infections. But in this video, you can see the vendor preparing a wrap with a variety of nutritious vegetables in a very hygienic way. 

He uses fresh and handpicked fruits and vegetables like lettuce, capsicum, avocado, and mushrooms for his recipes, along with paneer and fat-free sauces. Even the tortillas of his wraps are made with beetroot. Overall, the food he serves is a blend of health and taste. Fajita wraps, avocado wraps and gunpowder with cottage cheese wraps are some of the popular dishes at his place. 

The name of the vendor is Vikram Pal Singh, and he used to be a chef in a restaurant before starting his own shop. The name of his shop is Wrap Hut, and it is near 7 Manjila Mandir in Tilak Nagar market, Delhi. Vikram runs the stall with his wife, Ruchi Kaur, and he also serves salads, burgers, and burritos, along with a variety of wraps. So, if you happen to be in Delhi right now, visit this place and give these healthy street foods a try.