Viral: Kadhi Waali Panipuri Takes The Internet By Storm
Image Credit: Kadhi-puri in Ahmedabad has gotten netizens divided

Unique food combinations are not a new thing. Fusion food is a major category of food, both in street-side shops and high-end restaurants. Two different foods that are quite literally poles apart are brought together and made into a completely new dish—sometimes for the good and sometimes, for lack of a better word, weird. Today’s viral item has left people conflicted and confused—kadhi waali panipuri!

Kadhipuri, or kadhi wali panipuri, is being sold at a shop in Ahmedabad. The vendor maintains full hygiene and wears a pair of clean gloves in the now viral video shared by Harshit, who goes by the username @foodiepopcorn on Instagram. The shop sells around 8 different flavours of panipuri options, and this kadhi is one of them. We can see the vendor add ragda or chickpea curry to the puri, then fill it to the brim with kadhi. Next, he adds some boondi to it and serves it.

Chocolate, pizza, maggi panipuri also keep going viral time and again


The comment section is completely divided on the issue. While some are playing devil’s advocate and trying to say how we should experiment with food and be open to new flavours, most reactions are of disbelief and bordering on offence. People want their favourite street food delicacy, pani puri, to be spared from being spoiled and ruined by mixing the most random combinations with it.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that pani puri has been served in the most outrageous manner. There are several other combinations that have been called weird. Like pizza pani puri, ras malai golgappe, or, for that matter, maggi phuchka. All of these versions are notoriously trolled on the internet, and yet we see different versions of the dish every day, mostly due to the popularity of these videos.

So, on what side of the fence do you stand in this debate? Are you open to experimenting with the flavours of our beloved pani puri, or are you the one who is conventional and likes their filling to be ragda or aloo and their pani to be imli or pudina