Kadhi Ka Kamaal: Kadhis From Different Parts Of India

If you are an Indian, you know what kadhi is. His beautiful concoction of besan, curd and spices, is one of the most popular dishes in India. Not just cooked in Indian households, it is also served at high-end restaurants and eateries too. Some think that it is easy to make while for some, kadhi is an absolute comfort food. Isn’t it? 

If you think that kadhi is only of one type, you are wrong my friend. This soothing curry is made with a blend of spices with different techniques and different ingredients. While the Punjabi kadhi has fried pakodas into it, Gujarati kadhi is made using jaggery. Let us talk about some other varieties from kadhi from different parts of India. 

Maharashtrian Kadhi 

Maharashtrian Kadhi is a super summer meal served best with steamed rice. It has basic ingredients like ginger-garlic paste, chilies, curry leaves, hing and fried methi. It is bit on a spicier side and can show you a really good time. 

Punjabi Kadhi 

Punjabi Kadhi, just like Punjabis, is bright and vibrant. This kadhi is thick creamy gravy made with besan, spices, chilies. The star ingredient of this kadhi is pakodas made up of gram flour and spices. This kadhi is a wholesome meal and goes well with chapati as well rice.  

Rajasthani Kadhi 

Among so many gems from Rajasthan, Rajasthani kadhi is one you must try.  This kadhi has turmeric, salt, cumin, fenugreek and dried red chilies. It goes well with tadka or normal rice.            

Sindhi Kadhi 

If you have relished Sindhi food even once, you know the importance of Sindhi kadhi. This kadhi not just has spices, curd and besan and good amount of vegetables. It also has vibrant flavour of tomato and kokum which makes it different and special. 

Gujarati Kadhi 

Gujarati kadhi is mostly made without turmeric and is sweeter as compared to other kadhi varieties. It has curd, curry leaves, jaggery and hing. When seasoned with mustard seeds and chilies, this kadhi tastes yummy and could be a hearty meal.  

Aamras Kadhi 

This kadhi is yummy and quick. Made with raw mango puree and butter milk, this kadhi can steal your heart in no time. One can add besan, chilies and other spices to enhance its flavour. One can serve it with rice and have the best time. 

Garhwali Kadhi 

Many people don’t know about this kadhi variety but it’s high time that we talk about it. Garhwali Kadhi is a millet-based kadhi in which instead of besan, made with smooth batter of millet. When cooked with spices and served hot, it tastes yummy and is healthy too.  

So, let us know if you had tasted these kadhis!