Check These Wrong Dinner Practices That You Must Be Following
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Are you trying to lose weight but every time falling short of it? Weight loss is a tough journey that includes crucial practices along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Several myths and facts are going around the internet and choosing the correct one is important. One of the most interesting things that need to be followed is having the right meal at the right time and in the right manner. 

Maintaining weight depends on various factors like diet, lifestyle, and sleep patterns. There are several findings about the importance of a healthy breakfast. But the importance of dinner is often skipped. Have you ever wondered, what you should eat for dinner, in what proportion and at what time? These play a crucial role in losing weight.  

We found out that there are some common mistakes people make during dinner that can lead to weight gain. We have collated some questions that you should keep a note of when on a weight loss journey. Take a look: 

  • Do You Eat Heavy Dinners?

It is advisable to keep the dinner light. As the day process, our metabolism tends to slow down. Light dinner fastens the weight loss process. Anything that aids digestion is beneficial for weight loss. Opt for lighter options like soups, salads, or grilled vegetables to achieve weight loss. 

  • Do You Eat Dinner Late? 

Eating dinner early helps to provide a longer overnight fasting period, which helps in losing fat. As our metabolism starts slowing down during the night, the earlier you are at dinner, the better it is for digestion and weight loss. Late-night dinners contribute to weight gain. 

  • Do You Forget To Control Portions

It is important to include a variety of foods in your diet while maintaining the portions. Just because your food is healthy, it does not mean you’ll have it in large portions. Also remember, excessive calorie intake leads to weight gain. One of the clever tricks is to include smaller plates. With the reduction in plate size, the brain perceives it as a fuller plate, preventing the illusion that you haven’t eaten enough. This encourages you to eat portions appropriate for your needs.  

  • Do You Neglect Protein And Fibre From Your Meal?

Protein and fibre are essential components for successful weight loss. Neglecting these can slow down your metabolism. Protein has a thermic effect, which means that the body burns more energy in digesting protein food as compared to carbohydrates and fats. Besides, protein and fibre help you to keep fuller for longer periods. This allows you to eat less at dinner. 

  • Do You Eat Too Much Salt 

Excessive intake of salt during the night or late evenings leads to water retention in the body. It is advisable to limit your sodium intake, especially during dinner. Take note of the salt content in your meal and opt for low-sodium content alternatives. 

  • Do You Think Creamy Soups Are Healthy?

For weight loss, it is advisable to choose clear soups than creamy ones. Clear vegetable or chicken soup, accompanied by a green salad with vinegar or olive oil dressing, or a dip with hung yogurt are healthy and low-fat dishes.  

  • Do You Like Sour Foods?

Note not to have sour food at dinner. Foods like vinegar, sambhar, kadhi, or hot and sour soup at night can cause water retention. Opt for food having a balanced flavour that is, neither salty nor sour.