Soya Chunks For Dinner: 5 Delicious Recipes You Can Try

If you are a vegetarian and want something to eat which is power packed with health benefits, soya chunks are what you need. Loaded with omega 3, soya chunks have protein content similar to what the chicken breasts contain. Soya chunks are made after soybean oil is extracted from soy flour. Soya chunks are dried and thus, have hard texture. Before being cooked, these chunks are added to warm water and after this, they become spongy and soft. Did you know that soya chunks are also known as vegetarian meat?  

So, in case you are looking to make something from soya chunks, we have brought five amazing recipes for you. Try this for dinner tonight and thank us later! 

Soya Chunk Curry 

This vegan soya chunk curry has a yummy gravy of spiced tomato, coconut and onion and could be a perfect way to have a protein-rich diet without compromising with the taste. Make this yummy soya chunks curry for dinner tonight. 

Soya Chunk Biryani 

What? Can biryani be made with soya chunks? Yes! This biryani is as good as its meaty counterparts and is loaded with nutrients and minerals. It has a high protein content and tastes amazing too. Here is the recipe. 

Paneer And Soya Chunk Masala 

Two best protein-rich options for vegetarians are paneer and soya chunks. So, why don’t we mix them together? This flavourful curry features paneer as well as soya chunks and has the vibrant aroma and flavour of Indian spices. It goes well with naan, chapati and even rice. Recipe is below! 

Soya Chunk Fried Rice 

Who doesn’t like fried rice? And when it has flavoured soya chunks, it could become a meal of your dreams. Soya chunk fried rice is easy to make and too delicious. Here’s how you can make it at home. 

Soya Chunk and Green Peas Curry 

Peas can go well with every other dish. Be it our favourite aloo matar or matar paneer, these green little drops of heaven contribute a lot. This time, try adding peas into a flavourful curry of soya chunks and have a good time. 

Have a good time!