Sonu Sood Competes With Humble Litti-Chokha Vendor In Bihar

Sonu Sood posted a heartwarming video of spending time with the owner of a humble litti-chokha stall in Bihar. The actor was seen joking with Moti, a young man who was seen making fresh littis along with Sood, who nudged him saying that he will open a stall selling the same dish, right besides him. He urged his followers from Bihar to visit the stall and enjoy a plate of the local delicacy, which Moti claimed was 20 Rupees per plate.

Image Credits: Local Samosa

He captioned the video, ‘Exclusive LITTI CHOKHA franchise available. CEO: Moti bhai from Bihar,’ followed by the hashtag #supportsmallbusiness. He was then lovingly fed a morsel of the litti-chokha by the vendor, as onlookers clapped and smiled. Sood, who is on a pan-India tour, filming for the new season of the famous reality show, Roadies, has previously posted a series of videos where he is seen interacting with small business food vendors – making dosas for the show crew, enjoying roasted bhutta in the mountains of Himachal and more.

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When the vendor mentioned to Sood about business being slow, the star readily turned to the camera and encouraged people to taste the food. Known famously for his fit body and workout regimens, Sood also has a Mandi plate named after him in Hyderabad, despite being vegetarian himself. A true-blue Punjabi at heart, he loves nothing more than to dig into some makki roti and sarson ka saag on his cheat days. Tell us about a food vendor in your city who makes yummy dishes and what to order from them, in the comments below!