Litti Chokha is the most popular Bihari dish that tastes divine. It is considered a wholesome meal in itself. Made with whole wheat flour and Sattu, Litti has been through a long journey. Initially, it was considered poor man’s food as Litti was easily accessible and economical to make too. This simple Bihari delicacy can be cooked without gas or oven. Even farmers can prepare it in fields too. You can serve it not only with Baingan Ka Chokha but also with Ghoognis, mutton, or simply with Chaat Masala. Today, we will know the origin of this traditional Bihari dish and what changes it underwent through.

Origin And History of Litti And Chokha

Known for its rustic taste, Litti and Chokha originated centuries ago in the court of Magadha, an ancient kingdom in southern Bihar. Later, it became one of the most savoured dishes by Mughals and also went through some changes. They used to relish the divine Litti with Shorbas and Payas. It gained more prominence during British rule in India. The Britishers preferred Litti with curry. It is said that during the great revolt of 1857, which is also called the first war of independence, sepoys survived on Litti as it was easy to make without any utensils and much water. Also, Litti could stay fresh for around 3 days. In current times, Litti Chokha has seen immense prominence not only in Bihar but also globally. If you want to get the taste of authentic Litti Cokha, you must visit Bihar. There are a lot of other delicious Bihari dishes that can leave you licking your fingers.