Sonam Kapoor Embraces Motherhood: Diet Tips For New Moms
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Actor Sonam Kapoor and husband Anand Ahuja are on cloud nine as they welcomed their first child - a baby boy - on August 20. The proud parents shared the news with their fans through a note on social media. Actor Neetu Kapoor was one of the firsts to share the note on social media, which read, “On 20.08.2022, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy with bowed heads and hearts. Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported us on this journey. It's only the beginning but we know our lives are forever changed. - Sonam and Anand”. 

The couple indeed are beginning a roller coaster ride and we can’t wait to witness it all. Sonam, a fitness inspiration to many, is a new mom who is set to go through various changes both mentally and physically. Every new mother has a set of dietary requirements, which must be met in order to compensate for the loss of nutrients during childbirth. 

In addition to that, the newborn, in most cases, is breastfeeding and is getting all his nutrients from the mother. Therefore, a balanced diet is a must for new mothers who are recovering from pregnancy, labour, and delivery and are working hard to keep her newborn strong. But what should that diet consist of? Here we’ve got you covered with foods a new mom can add to her diet. 

1. Dairy products 

This is a must. No matter if you prefer yoghurt, milk, or even cheese, dairy products should be an important part of your diet in order to have healthy breastfeeding. Milk delivers a boost of bone-strengthening Vitamin D. Besides protein and B vitamins, dairy products are one of the best sources of calcium as well. If you’re breastfeeding, your milk is loaded with calcium to help your baby develop strong bones. And to give enough calcium to the baby, it is imperative for you to consume enough calcium to meet the needs. Try including at least three cups of dairy each day in your diet. 

2. Leafy greens 

Green leafy veggies are rich in phytoestrogens, which can help induce milk production. Green veggies like spinach or broccoli can be a part of your regular diet in any form as it enhances lactation. And don’t worry about the carbs in greens, as they won’t transfer into breast milk. 

3. Legumes 

Those chickpeas can be a great addition to the diet of a lactating mother as legumes are super rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, and are known to have lactogenic properties. It has been used as a galactagogue (food that boosts breast milk production) since the Egyptian times due to the presence of plant estrogens.

4. Nuts and seeds 

Loaded with nutrients, and packed with all the essential minerals like magnesium, iron or proteins and fats, nuts and seeds should be included in every new mother’s diet. Flax seeds are particularly known to be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for both the mom and the baby. 

5. Salmon and meat 

A nutritiona powerhouse for new moms, salmon, like other fatty fish, is loaded with DHA - a type of fat which is said to be crucial to the development of your baby’s nervous system. Breast milk contains DHA, but levels of it are higher in the milk of women who get more DHA from their diets. As per FDA, an average of 12 ounces, or the equivalent of two main servings of salmon, per week for new moms or pregnant women. Besides, lean meat which is rich in protein such as chicken is also beneficial for new mothers for adequate protein intake.  

In the new phase, every woman must be conscious of her diet. But make sure to consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.