Slurrp Exclusive- Impress Your Loved One This Chocolate Day With These Special Recipes
Image Credit: Balsamic braised strawberry with basil creameux and Greek feta crumble

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Monday and the whole week is about celebration.  While weekdays are often reserved for work, Marriott International gives you a chance to make a one-of-a-kind reservation! Catering to the palates of those seeking rich and flavorful meals, hotels have introduced 3 delectable cuisines to choose from – European, Indian, Asian. If you are craving a Burrata or a Ravioli, the European DIY kit is meant for you. For those seeking a gourmet twist to a few classic Indian dishes, you can opt for the Indian spread. In the Asian DIY Kit, you can munch into a satay and relish a wok cooked rice. While you don the role of sous-chef, you will be guided via a step-by-step video.

You can focus on creating a romantic ambience for your date, cooped up at home and choose from either one of the 4 richly luxurious all-encompassing DIY kits. For those with a sweet tooth, here’s the ‘Seven Shades of Red’ menu that you can opt for and dive straight into as they are ready and fabulous to eat, in addition to their heavenly appearance.


On this chocolate day here are three special recipes curated by Himanshu Taneja, Culinary Director- South Asia, Marriott International. He says “On a day meant to celebrate love, the desserts have been created so that our guests can make special memories this Valentines. These recipes in specific, symbolize the sweetness and love in every relationship. The Seven Shades of Red is the dessert menu in focus for this Valentine's Day and is ready for order through our MBOW home delivery platform ( Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels ). The recipes are easy to make and will only elevate the fun & celebration quotient. So, go on and replicate these two love-filled recipes this season,  we hope you enjoy making it, just as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.”

The desserts from the ‘Seven Shades of Red’ menu which will prove to be a pure, all-encompassing bliss! Consisting of patisserie entremets, this artisanal aphrodisiac menu will delicately balance and portray lux craftsmanship thus elevating the senses. The menu comprises of these desserts: Scarlet Red – a Vanilla cup Cake filled with homemade strawberry marmalade and topped with light strawberry flavor Italian Buttercream, The Éclair Story – filled with raspberry jelly and pistachio mousse, The Dark Side – a rich dark chocolate mousse filled with strawberry jelly and almond cake, Ruby Cheesecake – which is a Classic Philadelphia cheesecake topped with fresh berry, strawberry, and white chocolate Chantilly and more. 

Here are three special recipes from the chef- 

Fomage Blanc and Framboise parfait on Brown Butter Cake

Yoghurt Mousse    

Elle & vire cream    300gm

Yoghurt    240ml

Caster Sugar    75nos

Vanilla bean    5gm

Gelatin    10gm

Pistachio Cake    

Pistachio Paste    90gm

Butter Unsalted Browned    70gm

Caster sugar    100gm

Egg yolk    35gm

Refine Flour    150gm

Sea salt    2gm

Pistachio Powder    130gm

Raspberry Cream    

Raspberry puree    250gm

Icing Sugar    60gm

Gelatin Sheets    10gm

E&V Cream    250gm


For Pistachio brown butter cake mix all the dry ingredients and keep them aside. Take the butter heat it in a pan and make it golden brown. Meanwhile, whisk egg yolk and add all the dry ingredients at last add the brown butter and bake in a tray for 10 min. Take it out from the oven and keep it in a chiller. 

For the yoghurt mousse, soak gelatin in cold water. Mix yoghurt and sugar, add cream and add gelatin and set in the freezer. 

For raspberry cream, boil puree adds icing sugar add gelatin. Fold in whip cream and pipe inside yoghurt mousse and freeze. 

Set in deep freezer for a day and next day serve it on top of pistachio cake.

Hazelnut and Coffee Cream tart

Chocolate Sable      

Butter    360gm
Flour    680gm
Cocoa Powder    40gm
Icing Sugar    280gm
Salt    5gm
Almond Powder    100gm
Egg    150gm

Baked Chocolate mix     

Amul Cream    480gm
Milk    200gm
Dark Chocolate    480gm
Egg    100gm
Butter    5gm
Hazelnut Paste    100gm
Espresso    30gm


For the chocolate sable, cream butter, and sugar add eggs in it. 

Add all the dry ingredients and mix. Rest them for six hours after lining the tart mould with a 2mm thickness. 

Half bake the tart for 12minutes at 180 degrees. Take out and cool. 

For the baked mix heat up milk and cream add chocolate, hazelnut, and espresso. Add the eggs at the end. 

Pour the mix on a tart shell. Bake in the oven at 100 degrees for 15 minutes.

Balsamic Braised Strawberry Cheesecake with Greek feta

Cheese Mix     

Philadelphia Cheese    400gm
Eggs    250gm
Sugar    100gm
Cornflour    15gm

Sable base     

Flour    250gm
Sugar    250gm
Butter    400gm
Egg white    40gm

For Garnish     

Balsamic    50gm
Fresh Strawberry    200gm
Blueberry    50gm


For the sable base, cream the butter and sugar together and add Egg white gradually. At last fold in the flour. 

Take one cake ring and wrap it with foil. Place it on an aluminum tray. 

Put the sable mix around 2cm thickness and spread it evenly. Bake it for 10 min at 180 degrees and remove from heat. 

For the cheesecake mix, put cream cheese and sugar in a stand mixer and mix at slow speed, add eggs at last add cornflour. Pour the cheese mix on a stable base and bake in a double boiler for 40 mins at 140 degrees. Check when done and take out from the heat. Keep it chiller for one day. 

The next day take out the cake from the ring. 

Garnish with fresh strawberry.