Valentine’s Week: This Propose Day, Surprise Your Loved One With These 3 Breakfast Recipes
Image Credit: Start your morning with a breakfast proposal today!

Would it be wrong if we say that it’s all about love this week? After all, it is Valentine’s day. Everyone is already dreaming of a picture-perfect romantic date that can be posted on their social media handles post the celebrations, giving others hashtag #couplegoals. Each day of the week, starting from 7th February is demarcated as a special day with a certain theme. For instance, it was rose day yesterday and today we are celebrating propose day. Interesting, right? Not so much for those who plan to propose to their special someone today. 

The butterflies, jitters and nervousness are natural. You have a mixed bag of emotions at this time and well, we know that while the romantic candle night date set up is quite easy to pull off these days, it doesn’t really stand out. How about a breakfast date then? Late night dinner dates are passé. It is time to make their mornings beautiful too. This propose day, begin your day with a breakfast in bed. 

You can arrange all the décor early morning and then comes the best part, breakfast. Ordering from a restaurant isn’t as special as what you make with your own hands. This would definitely be appreciated as an effort, and who knows, they might end up saying a yes because of this small gesture too. Here are some breakfast recipes that are quick and easy to make for a lovely morning proposal. 

1.  Heart Pancakes 

The round pancakes are too mainstream. Like they say, dil hatheli par rakh do, you could do that too with this pancake recipe. Make a smooth and fudgy pancake batter with dark chocolates and mashed bananas. It is not only nutritious and filling, but also gives your pancakes a touch of fruitiness. Drizzle maple syrup or honey and enjoy. 

2.  Heart-Shaped Tarts 

Since it is the week of love, what is a better way to confess your feelings than heart-shaped food on the menu? The crispy and crusty tarts are baked in heart-shaped moulds, filled with walnuts, cream cheese and butter. 

3.  Paradise Parfait 

A glass full of honey sweetened granola, hung curd and fruits is a great start to the day. This classic French dessert is often eaten for breakfast and is quite an elegant choice for a breakfast proposal. Like the flavours of the ingredients blend with each other, your hearts may connect too.