6 Homely Ingredients To Replace Tomatoes
Image Credit: Tomatoes | Image Credit: Unsplash.com

For any Indian cuisine, tomatoes are one of the main ingredients that go in any curry. The tangy taste and vibrant red colour of the tomatoes add a unique taste and tinge to the curries. Being an essential ingredient in our kitchen, the shooting price of tomatoes in the market is making us worried. 

We are used to the price of Rs 20–30 per kg. However, now the price has spiked to Rs 80–120 per kg. This is due to excessive rains and floods in the growing areas, which have limited and spoiled the growth of tomatoes. This has affected the supply, making the price rise sharply. For this reason, you might be planning to cut down on tomatoes in your curries. However, we are here to help you. 

There are mainly homely ingredients that add a tangy and tart taste to the food. Besides, we have a substitute for the reddish tinge that tomatoes add to curries. Take a look: 

  • Vinegar  

Although it cannot completely replace tomatoes, it can work as a fair substitute. The sourness can add a tangy flavour to your dishes, making it a decent replacement for tomatoes. 

  • Sour Curd  

If you allow the curd to sit for a while, it will offer you a much greater sourness, which can work as a substitute for tomatoes. By adding a large quantity of sour curd to your dishes, you can easily replace tomatoes in them. 

  • Tamarind   

Tamarind offers a decent tanginess to certain dishes and can be an excellent alternative to tomatoes. However, it should be noted that tamarind may discolour certain dishes, so caution should be exercised. 

  • Mango Powder (Amchur)

Popularly known as amchur, the ingredient provides the required sourness to the dishes. It lends flavour to various dishes like curries, rajma chole, and dry aloo sabzis. Amchur, or mango powder, can be used alongside or in the absence of tomatoes. 

  • Red Bell Peppers 

Apart from the tanginess, tomatoes impart a distinct red colour to the dishes. Roasted red bell peppers can be used to mimic the colour of the tomatoes and create a similar visual appeal in your meal. You can use a paste of roasted red bell pepper to tempt your eyes and taste buds with visually appealing food. 

  • Hibiscus Flower   

Hibiscus flowers can lend a beautiful reddish-pink hue to food instead of tomatoes. While exploring a unique flavour profile, hibiscus flowers add a visually appealing red colour to the dish.