4 Ways To Preserve And Store Tomatoes
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Tomatoes are so versatile that they go perfectly with almost all the food. An absolute favourite of kids and suitable for every breakfast menu, it's no wonder you'd like to store them for future use. There are numerous ways of preserving them without cutting them in pieces or in liquid form for months. The taste and health benefits of preserved tomatoes are almost the same as that of fresh tomatoes. So, let's see 4 ways of preserving and storing fresh tomatoes for the future.


This is the simplest way one can go for. Frozen tomatoes could be used for cooking. You can remove their peel before or after freezing. If you're not peeling off before freezing, then make sure they're cleaned properly. Put them in a sealed bag and that's all. You can use them whenever you like .

Bottling or canning

You can preserve either peeled off or chopped tomatoes in transparent cans. Add some salt and put it inside the refrigerator. You can use it for your veggies and sauces whenever you like.

Use salt

Puree can be preserved for a long time if it is thick and has salt. So,  add salt to your favourite tomato puree and use a strainer to take out the liquid part only. Put the remaining thing in a jar and preserve. It will go perfectly with all your dishes and will add a rich texture and tanginess.


You can dry your tomatoes in an oven or under the sun after slicing them in halves. It's super easy and you don't have to worry about the taste and nutrients. If you want to store them in jars, then use some olive oil. These tomatoes will be perfect for cooking if not for salads.