Cherry Tomatoes Vs. Grape Tomatoes: Key Differences To Remember
Image Credit: Unsplash

One of the best summertime indulgences is bite-sized tomatoes, especially when you pick them from your cherry tomato plants. They are the ideal size for roasting, skewering, and summer salads. But what about the grape tomatoes, which appear to be similar? Are they interchangeable? Although cherry and grape tomatoes can both be used interchangeably, depending on your meal, you may prefer one over the other.

Because of their resemblance to cherries in size and form, cherry tomatoes got their name. These little, spherical tomatoes have thin skins and juicy, sweet flavours. Cherry tomatoes are known for squirting when you bite into them because of their high water content. These red, yellow, and orange tomatoes are excellent for hollowing out and stuffing.

Grape-shaped tomatoes are oblong in shape. They have thicker skins and are about half the size of cherry tomatoes. The flesh of grape tomatoes is meatier and contains less liquid than that of cherry tomatoes, and they are less sweet. Grape tomatoes are gaining popularity because they are more durable and easier to pack and transport than cherry tomatoes, which have a shorter shelf life.

How do these two varieties of tomatoes compare?

 Although you can find yellow, green, and even black types on cherry tomato plants, red cherry tomatoes are the most common. Red grape tomatoes are widely available at grocery stores, just like red cherry tomatoes. There are additional variations in colour like yellow, green, and black.

 Since grape tomatoes have a harder peel and a longer shelf life than cherry tomatoes, you should use cherry tomatoes in recipes as soon as you can after bringing them home.

 Cherry tomatoes have the appearance of red or black cherries, as their name suggests. Although cherry tomatoes can range in size, they are typically rounder and slightly larger than grape tomatoes. While watermelons and the grapes for which they are named have round shapes, grape tomatoes are rectangular in shape. Like cherry tomatoes, they are often smaller.

 Cherry tomatoes are notably sweeter than the most of other tomato types. In addition, they are juicier than grape tomatoes due to their thinner peel and increased water content. Compared to sweet cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes are a little less syrupy and watery. In comparison to cherry tomatoes, which have thin skin, grape tomatoes have a harder texture due to their thicker skin.