Shortage Of Papad Erupts Fight In A Wedding; Triggers Reactions

Dramas are not new in weddings, especially in Indian weddings. But this time, we have encountered a special drama or we should say chaotic scenes that occurred at a wedding in Kerala and the reason is Papad. Yes, you read that right! At a wedding in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, people fought and even threw tables and chairs at each other due to the shortage of papad. I did not know that papads are that important.

Papads are one of the most loved condiments in India and we cannot disagree with this. Be it roti or chapati, it goes well with everything and this crispy delight can enhance the taste of every single dish. But we were actually unaware of the power of papad. This is because papad triggered a fight at a wedding and we are shocked!

It all started when the groom’s friends asked for extra papad and their demand was denied. It started with a heated argument and soon turned into a fistfight. Yes, all because of the papad. A video of this incident also went viral on social media where people were seen kicking and punching each other. Not only this, people were even seen throwing tables and chairs at each other. The matter turned so violent that the police had to intervene and register a case against 10 people. 

This incident triggered several reactions from the Netizens. A Twitter user wrote, “In the great 100 percent literate state of Kerala, a fist fight broke out at a wedding after friends of the bridegroom demanded papad during the feast”. One person tweeted “there ain’t no reason to deny someone more papadams while another person tweeted “thappads for papads at a Kerala wedding”. 

Didn’t it blow your mind? It is not the first time that such an incident has made it to the news. Another wedding that received mixed responses from the wedding was when a bride asked her guests to pay for food at the wedding. Well, this happens only in India!!