Proposal To Honeymoon: 4 Wedding Cake Ideas For The Couples
Image Credit: Wedding Cake Ideas

The cake cutting ceremony isn’t limited to just birthdays, and you can also design unique cakes according to different themes and occasions. Like Western culture, from a bachelor party to weddings and receptions, cake cutting has become a fashion in India, too. So, today, we are sharing some unique cake designs for the brides and grooms to be. 

Propose Cake

When both the bride and the groom first decide to spend their life with each other, that proposal moment is exceptional. It is often called the 'she said yes' or 'he said yes' moment, which should be celebrated with a memorable cake cutting moment. Here is one such proposal cake.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Cake 

Bachelor or bachelorette party means after this you will get married and you will not be single anymore. This party is remarkable for both the boy and the girl. As they with their close friends celebrate and shares many heartfelt things. Not only this but the cake is also designed in a fun way, i.e. depending on bride or groom to be's mood. The cake is specially designed keeping in mind what their future life will be. 

Wedding Cake

This fashion has been adopted from western culture. But nowadays, the Indian bride and groom are seen on the wedding cake instead of the western bride and groom. Although, besides this, some cakes are designed keeping the bride and groom's outfit in mind. Meanwhile, some cakes are designed with their pictures. So many wedding cakes are also designed according to the wedding theme or colour combination.

Honeymoon Cake 

After marriage, some couples at the reception party or just before leaving for honeymoon cut special cakes. A honeymoon is the most memorable time after marriage when finally, you get a chance to spend some alone time with your partner after the wedding. In such a situation, here we have a honeymoon theme cake for you.

P.S. However, these cakes are a bit expensive because they are specially designed according to you.