Sweet, tarty and luscious, strawberries are one of my most favourite fruits. Not only this deep-red, beautiful-looking fruit extremely delicious but also filled with nutrition. Strawberries are loaded with a hefty dose of healthy nutrients including antioxidants. The only fruit with edible seeds on its exterior, strawberries contain little or no fat, zero cholesterol and is also sodium-free. Now while it is a healthy fruit, why I particularly love it is because it is so versatile. Chocolate-laden strawberries, strawberry salad, strawberry juice, shake, smoothie and the list go on about what all you can do with strawberry. But ever tried masala strawberry? In a viral video on the internet, a street vendor tried a bizarre experiment by bringing the sweet and salty flavours in one dish - masaledaar strawberries. Don't believe us? Take a look:

 In the video, we see a street vendor from Bangladesh chop some fresh strawberries in a jar. Post which, he starts to season the chopped strawberries with salt, mustard and what looks like some lemon juice and more yummy masalas. Then he simply seals the jar to give it a good shake. Once the strawberries are bathed in masalas, he serves them on recycled paper. Well, honestly it looks delicious to me. I have also relished strawberries with some chaat masala sprinkled over it and I can only imagine what this combination of sweet, tarty and spicy would taste like. Strawberries are usually enjoyed in a sweet dish across the world, be it a smoothie or a strawberry ice cream or a cheesecake. But rarely do we see a masaledar spin to it. The video was uploaded by an Instagram food blogger called @ourcollection and has garnered over 6.6 million views and more than 300k likes.  

And contrary to what I might feel, the video has got many strawberry fans disturbed. And so all sorts of reactions poured in. A viewer exclaimed 'satyanas' and another wrote "RIP strawberry". The general emotion was that people don't need their strawberries with masala. How do you prefer strawberries – sweet or spicy? Let us know.