Shehnaaz Gill Shares What She Eats In A Day
Image Credit: Shehnaaz Gill/ Instagram

Fans are always looking to get their hands on the diet secrets of celebrities. They want to know how their favourite celeb keeps in such good shape. But Shehnaaz Gill’s fans are elated because she has shared a video on Instagram about what she eats in a day. From her morning routine to a unique recipe of poha, the actor’s diet is simple to follow, and it is enriched with all kinds of nutrients.

Most people believe that the diet of actors isn’t easy to follow because they always have a lot on their plate. Others think that the secret to a fit body is just relying on a salad made with non-vegetarian options and exotic vegetables. Take a look at Shehnaaz Gill’s diet which comprises home-cooked balanced meals.


The actor starts her mornings by drinking water. Many experts believe that it helps with bowel movements and keeps the body hydrated. Post loading her body with water, Shehnaaz Gill eats soaked dried fruits. She added that it offers multiple benefits to her skin. Dried fruits are rich in minerals and other nutrients, especially for vegetarians. After an hour of yoga session, the actor drinks apple cider vinegar to help her with weight loss.


For breakfast, the actor prepares a unique recipe for poha. She keeps the quantity of vegetables more compared to flattened rice. From carrots and French beans to broccoli and peas, her breakfast is packed with fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Along with poha, the actor relishes a big bowl of curd and granola, both are excellent sources of calcium and phosphorus.


Shehnaaz Gill’s lunch is a staple but balanced in nutrition. In the video shared by her on Instagram, the plate had a bowl full of dal, two millet-based chapati, paneer bhurji, and chana salad. She added that her diet had a good proportion of protein and fibre. If you think that the actor shies away from fat, you cannot be more wrong. Her roti had desi ghee spread all over, and it is considered a rich source of monounsaturated fats like omega-3.

Evening Snack

Taking her fans into her kitchen again, Shehnaaz Gill showed that she likes to consume roasted makhana in the evening. Whether she is shooting in Mumbai or out of station, she always keeps her snack with her. She also likes to consume protein shakes as a meal replacement in the evening to keep herself full for a long time and avoid cravings.


Before dinner, the actor consumes a glass of apple cider vinegar to ensure healthy digestion. For dinner, she consumes a plate full of khichdi with added vegetables served along with a bowl of curd. On the side, she had a bowl of soup. Shehnaaz Gill likes to keep her supper lightweight to ensure easy digestion.