Sawan 2023: 6 Vrat-Friendly No Onion No Garlic Breakfast
Image Credit: Sabudana vadi can be an amazing vrat-friendly option | Shutterstock

Sawan, the auspicious month of devoting time, energy, and worshipping Lord Shiva, is also the time of devotion and fasting for many across India. During this period, followers abstain from consuming onions and garlic, as they are believed to evoke impure emotions and disturb one's spiritual balance.

While fasting, people seek simple but delectable meals to keep them energised and connected to their spiritual selves. So, if you or members of your family are fasting, we have some mouthwatering breakfast dishes that adhere to the no-onion, no-garlic rule, making the holy month of Sawan even more enjoyable.

Sabudana Vadi

This Vadi is a popular Maharashtrian snack made from soaked sabudana combined with roasted peanuts and regular spices like cumin, coriander, and ginger. The mixture is shaped into small, tikki-shaped pieces and then shallow-fried until golden and crispy. This gluten-free snack is commonly enjoyed during fasting periods, especially Sawan and Navratri. Its delicious taste and ease of preparation make Sabudana Vadi a favourite for working professionals who are fasting.

Sama Rice Idli

Recipe - Papa Mummy Kitchen

Idli, a much-loved South Indian dish, gets a Sawan-friendly twist with the use of sama rice, also known as barnyard millet. These steamed and healthy idlis are light, fluffy, and perfect for a wholesome breakfast. Accompanied by coconut chutney, or a mild tomato chutney, Sama rice idlis are an ideal way to begin your day during the sacred month.

Kuttu Ka Dosa

Kuttu, or buckwheat flour, is a versatile ingredient used extensively during fasting periods. Kuttu ka dosa is a delicious and nutritious alternative to regular dosas. These dosas are thin, crisp, and filled with the goodness of buckwheat, making them an ideal breakfast choice during Sawan. Serve with fresh dahi or coconut chutney for a fully filling and delicious meal.

Rajgira Paratha

Recipe - Happily Veg

Rajgira, also known as amaranth flour, is packed with essential nutrients and adds a distinct nutty and earthy flavour to dishes. Rajgira Parathas are easy to make and pair wonderfully with plain dahi or aloo subzi. Some gravies, like phool makhana curry, arbi ki subzi, or matar masala made without onions and garlic, would pair beautifully with this paratha. Their soft texture and wholesome taste make them a perfect choice for a satisfying breakfast during Sawan.

Lauki Chilla

Chillas are super versatile and can be made from various flours and customised as per your liking. Vrat-friendly chilla also have various types. Lauki chilla is a healthy and light breakfast option for Sawan, made by blending grated bottle gourd with buckwheat flour and spiced with green chillies and ginger. These wholesome chillas can be served with mint chutney or a side of fresh, tangy cucumber raita.

Fruit Salad with Honey-Lemon Dressing

For those who prefer a light and refreshing breakfast during fasting, a fruit salad with a honey-lemon dressing is an excellent choice. Dice up a variety of seasonal fruits like papaya, watermelon, banana, and pomegranate, and drizzle with a dressing made from honey and lemon juice. This energising and naturally sweet dish will keep you active throughout the day. If you are into working out during fasting, this is a great dish to opt for in the morning.