Sara Ali Khan’s Wholesome Lunch With The Crew Has Us Craving Too
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Sara Ali Khan, the Bollywood diva, is one who needs no introduction. The charming actor is known for her acting prowess, but besides that, she is also renowned for her wanderlust and epicurean escapades. In her latest updates, the diva took to her Instagram Stories to treat her fans to another gastronomic adventure straight from Delhi, where she’s currently shooting. But this time it came with a unique twist.

In the video, Sara's entire squad could be seen relishing a delectable feast as she pans the camera across the room. The plates were adorned with luscious parathas, complemented with an array of savoury curries and green chutney, making our mouths water with cravings. There was delish-looking biryani too, the sight of which was simply irresistible. The caption hilariously read, "When you take your team out for lunch, but they return saying they still need lunch...," followed by the hashtag "Diet life," tagging all the teammates. Sara never fails to leave her followers craving for more with her foodie updates. Take a peek at the video she shared:

Sara Ali Khan's globe-trotting escapades are synonymous with lip-smacking food experiences. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she always finds ways to satiate her taste buds, even when on the move. During her recent visit to Punjab, Sara treated herself to a sumptuous Punjabi meal in Chandigarh. As she relished every bite, Sara exclaimed, "Paratha, dahi. Yummy. Missi Roti, Paneer, it's a blast." 

Sara's fondness for desi delicacies, especially parathas, is truly relatable. In one of her recent Instagram posts, she shared pictures from the picturesque landscape of Spiti Valley, where she posed against a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains, all bundled up in warm clothes. And guess what? Sara was seen indulging in parathas even there! The desi delicacy looked utterly irresistible, and, in the caption, she wrote, "Pahado mein paratha," which translates to parathas in the mountains. Read more about it here.