Sara Ali Khan's Foodie Adventures: What's She Eating Now?
Image Credit: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram, The actor cannot say no to food.

She frequently shares her culinary experiences on Instagram and takes pride in her foodie reputation, which she inherited from her true-blue foodie father, Saif Ali Khan.

However, when she is going easy on the diet, you will find her rewarding herself with a satisfying cheat meal. And when she’s travelling, there is no stopping her. She was in Himachal Pradesh for a few days; we’re guessing for a shoot. But she didn’t disappoint us, as her grub continued there too. She was having parathas, chai, maggi, and kurkure in the hills. Now back on the road, she stopped at a dhaba in Chandigarh for a quick bite on her way back.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Sara Ali Khan

As per the Instagram story posted by the actor, she was in Chandigarh’s Sector 28 and was busy relishing all the rich food from Punjab. She took us through all the good food on the table, which included missi roti, chole, paneer burji, aloo paratha with butter, aloo gobhi, raita, and salad. She looked completely in awe of that food. Her foodie adventures continue to excite us!

And like we said, this isn’t the first instance of her grub. She is constantly in search of something tasty. In fact, when she was shooting in Doha, Qatar, for an ad with co-actor and friend Ananya Panday, both the divas ended up having pizza for lunch and sushi for dinner, as Sara revealed in a media interview.