Sara Ali Khan Is Having A Feast In Spiti: 7 Must-Try Local Foods
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Imagine getting a bowl of mouth-watering butter chicken in the middle of snow-capped mountains—won't it be heavenly? Or some piping hot parathas? Well, think of a staple North Indian breakfast, and parathas make their way to our minds for a wholesome and fulfilling meal. Plain or stuffed with vegetable fillings such as onion, aloo, gobhi, or even paneer, parathas are never a bad idea. Especially when you are chilling amidst mountains. And it turns out that actor Sara Ali Khan is a fan of this ideal meal. Sara, a big paratha lover, was seen enjoying the yummy delight recently while vacationing in the stunning Spiti Valley.

Taking to her Instagram, Sara treated her Instafam of over 41 million to a series of pictures where she can be seen noshing upon a plateful of parathas with butter on the side and a cup of coffee. With a beautiful backdrop of a snow-capped valley, Sara’s pictures definitely made us drool and crave a vacation like that! Take a look:

Aren't the pictures delightful? If Sara's post inspired you to visit Spiti and savour the local Himachali cuisine, check out our amazing food options for your bucket list:

1. Madra

Made using chickpeas, kidney beans, and black-eyed beans, Madra is a curd- and legume-based curry that is an essential part of Himachali cuisine and made especially during the Dhaam, a traditional feast of Himachal Pradesh. It is seasoned with turmeric and coriander powder and often garnished with dry fruits.

2. Dhaam

A traditional, wholesome meal, Dhaam was earlier only served to the Himachali Brahmins on leaves. It includes kadi, madra, khatta, rajma, and rice. However, this thali-like meal today is a quintessential part of all important occasions and festivities.

3. Siddu

A regular meal for locals, siddu is basically steamed wheat with a variety of fillings inside. While the preparation process is time-consuming and requires thorough experience, the experience of having it with mutton or daal is worth all the effort.

4. Tudkiya Bhaath 

Call it a Pahadi version of pulao, tudkiya bhaat, is a nutritious meal wherein white rice is tossed with potatoes, lentils, onions, tomatoes, and yoghurt and spiced with cinnamon, garlic, cardamom, ginger, chilli powder, and bay leaves. If you wish to go as authentic and local as possible, this is the dish you shouldn’t miss.

5. Chhaa Gosht

If you enjoy mutton and are travelling through Himachal, chaa gosht is one you cannot miss. A lamb-based dish wherein the meat is first marinated, then added to a gravy of yoghurt and gram flour and seasoned with fiery spices including red chilli powder, cardamom, coriander powder, garlic-ginger paste, asafoetida, and bay leaves.

6. Trout curry

The rivers of Himachal are the favourite breeding grounds for the delicious rainbow trout, a fish that is brimming with nutrients. And so it's natural for the locals to make the most of it. Trout curry is one of the healthiest dishes in the state of Himachal. Marinated trout, shallow-fried in mustard oil with minimal spices, lets the dish preserve the natural flavours of fish. Combined with boiled vegetables and served with piping hot rice, trout curry can be your perfect lunch dish.

7. Thukpa

Tibetan cuisine has a strong presence in Lahaul and Spiti. And while you may be well versed in momos by now, thukpa is one dish you must try when in Spiti. It is a popular comfort food where chicken or mutton is added with noodles, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and seasonal vegetables for a soup-like dish and served with spicy chutney. The chilly climate of Himachal is what makes thukpa a sheer indulgence.