Sangria: A Root of Spain

The start of the monsoon season means spending quality time at home with family and friends, and what could be better company than wonderful food and wine? Few people are aware of the numerous health benefits red wine offers, despite the fact that it makes an excellent paired beverage with food because of its potent antioxidant content.

Red wine is available in a variety of flavours, and some of the varieties are fairly acidic and can be a little heavy for people who aren't used to drinking wine. Here is an example of a drink of this type that you can quickly make at home with red wine. One of the well-liked beverages that are appropriate for any sort of meal and may be created with any wine is sangria. Sangria comes in many different flavours, but red wine sangria is the most widely consumed. The ideal approach to having a romantic evening with your loved ones is this delicious cocktail. 

Red wine, brandy, soda, and other fruits are commonly used to make this traditional cocktail, which is a specialty of Spain. Although it's best to drink it in the summer, you can also have it around Christmas. A fruit punch is used to produce this simple cocktail recipe. Fruits including red apples, oranges, strawberries, and lemon are typically used in its preparation. The background of sangria is fascinating. So, asking where sangria came from makes sense.

Romans have been consuming red wines from Spain since 200 B.C. The wines and wine-based punches were first given the name sangria, but it wasn't nearly what it is now. Sangria would gain popularity in Europe more than a century later, especially when made with French Bordeaux as the boozy base. Water was extremely contaminated back then and was not recommended for drinking. It made sense that those under the age of 21 would consume sangria in low amounts because the alcohol would help to destroy the bacteria.

As time went on, people who lived close to the vines began enhancing their wine with other complimentary fruits and spices. Natives loved these new flavours, which eventually created room for sangria, a popular Spanish red wine beverage.

Preparation - 10 Minutes

Serving- 2


  • Bottle of Red Wine 750ml
  • 1 peach chopped
  • 1 apple chopped
  • Cointreau 1 shot
  • Icing Sugar 3-4 tbsp
  • Club soda 1 bottle (300-600 ml)

Method of Preparation 

  • First, wash and cut all apples and peaches into cubes form,  should not be cut in large pieces.
  • Take a bowl, add the red chilled wine, chopped fruits, a shot of cointreau, and the icing sugar, and give it a slight stir.
  • Now, add chilled club soda to the wine, and stir it gently.
  • After stirring, pour chilled sangria into the glass, Simply add fruits and sparkling water or soda to the glass, then enjoy!