Rubina Dilaik Indulges In Ramen, Tteokbokki & Other Asian Dishes
Image Credit: Rubina Dilaik/ Instagram

Rubina Dilaik is a popular figure on Indian television. The actor along with her husband Abhinav Shukla has recently embraced parenthood and is often spotted sharing fitness routines, diet secrets, and vacation indulgences. The actor always promotes eating healthy food and shares glimpses of irresistible dishes that she enjoys with her family and friends.

Recently, the actor was out with her friends and husband and shared a reel showcasing her digging into Korean and Asian delights at Kalsang, a pan-India restaurant chain that specialises in Korean, Asian, Chinese, Tibetan, and Thai cuisines. Boasting open-space interiors and wooden furniture, the place looked straight out of a K-drama or C-drama. Here are a few dishes that netizens spotted Rubina and Abhinav enjoying to the fullest.


Image Credit: Rubina Dilaik/ Instagram

Tteokbokki is a popular Korean dish made using simmered rice cake. Garage-tteok, cylindrical rice cakes, are cooked in spicy gravy comprising ganjang (non-spicy soy sauce) and gochujang (spicy chilli paste). It is often topped with scallions. The dish boasts a subtle sweet flavour that compliments hot and spicy notes. The dish pairs well with boiled eggs. A few variations of tteokbokki include jajang-tteokbokki, curry-tteokbokki, galbi-tteokbokki, seafood-tteokbokki, and cream sauce-tteokbokki.

Devil Momos

Another dish on the spread was devil momos, dumplings served in hot and spicy gravy. The plate looked oh-so delicious. Steamed dumplings dipped in red sauce and topped with freshly grated cheese and chopped greens. Apart from these, Rubina and Abhinav also relished green-hued dumplings packed with delicious fillings.


While Rubina ordered tteokbokki, Abhinav was spotted enjoying a bowl of noodles dipped in a vegetable stew topped with pak choy. It looked like ramen, a Korean delicacy that can be seen in almost every K-drama. Though the dish has origins in Japan and China, it is mostly associated with Korean cuisine because of the worldwide popularity of K-dramas. Wheat noodles are prepared in the broth of vegetables and meat. It comes served with boiled or fried eggs, pok choy, scallions, and a preferred choice of meat.


Not just ramen, the actors also ordered noodles wok-tossed with a variety of fresh vegetables. Served along with other Korean and Asian delights, the noodles seem to complement the spicy notes of tteokbokki and hot sauced-dipped dumplings. All these mouth-watering Asian dishes had lemonade on the side. Post sharing the reel, Rubina called herself, ‘recently turned foodie.’