Rhea Kapoor’s Sunday Feast Is Making It Difficult For Us To Beat Monday Blues
Image Credit: Instagram @rheakapoor | Rhea Kapoor’s Sunday Feast Is Making It Difficult For Us To Beat Monday Blues

Rhea Kapoor dons many hats. From producing successful films to playing her sister Sonam Kapoor’s personal stylist, Rhea Kapoor’s versatility has her industry peers in awe. Rhea is also a self-confessed foodie, much like most of her family members. Actor Arjun Kapoor in one of his interviews noted that Rhea always knows what to eat where, so he always finds himself going to her for restaurant recommendations. Rhea is also a passionate cook herself, and often sends out her food to close sister Sonam and industry friends like Kareena Kapoor. Even on her Instagram, she posts pictures and videos of exquisite dishes that she cooks under the hashtag #rheamade. A few weeks ago, she gave us a peek into her homemade Mexican feast, and on Sunday, she gave us a glimpse of her lazy lunch, which included some rice, fresh salad, dal, stuffed clams and roasted catfish. “Sunday food, nap, love and repeat”, she wrote in her caption.  

Her Sunday binge has surely kicked some cravings, but since we do not have all the time to prepare this magnificent feast, here are some easy-peasy recipes that are just as comforting and worth a try for lunch.  

1. Dal Tadka

Dal is an Indian word for lentils. In India, lentils are treasured greatly. Sometimes many different types of lentils are even combined together and them served with a  sizzling hot tempering of dried red chillies, cumin etc. This Dal Tadka, has a delish ‘dhaba’ like quality to it that is so difficult to imitate. Try this recipe with hot naans or hot rice for the best experience.  

2. Chicken Fried Rice

A classic Indo-Chinese treat brimming with hot spices, chopped veggies, sauces and chunky fried chicken. This ice dish is made on high flame, which helps retain the crunch of everything. You do not even need any accompaniment to go with it, it is so good on its own.

3. Garlic Naan Without Tandoor

Naan is a leavened Indian flatbread, that looks a lot like Tandoori roti, but is must softer and chewier in comparison. It is typically made in Tandoor, a clay oven, But this naan, suffused with goodness of garlic and butter can well be made on a tawa too. Try this recipe soon.

4. Mushroom Risotto

This Italian rice dish made with arborio rice, olive oil and mushroom spell comfort in each bite. The rich, creamy, cheesy dish also comes with the freshness of thyme. Savour this crowd favourite today with this yummy recipe.  

Try these easy lunch recipes soon and let us know which ones you liked the best. If you have all the ingredients in place, cooking these recipes is an absolute cakewalk. They are simple and evergreen, and are sure to strike a chord with everyone at your place. Do not forget to share the pictures of the dishes with us.