Breakfast To Dinner: Sort Your Republic Day Menu With Tricolour Foods
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Republic Day is a national holiday, meaning it’s a day when the whole family is together. So, what better way to celebrate the day than indulging in your favourite with your loved ones. This is also the occasion when everyone loves to showcase a bit of their patriotic spirit in one way or another. Look no further for inspiration for tricolour-themed food to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day. Begin the day with saffron, then eat something white for lunch and end it with green for dinner. Let us tell you how to make these changes to your menu.


You should start the day with saffron-coloured food to make it remarkable. First of all, drink healthy orange juice as its colour is similar to saffron. Then, if you eat paratha, knead the dough by adding a little turmeric to benefit your health. Many people are always strict about their diet and like to eat low-calorie food, then breakfast like cornflakes is the best option for them because its colour is similar to saffron and is also healthy.


Now let's talk about Republic Day lunch because it is necessary to have three meals a day and there are three colours in the tricolour. At the same time, saffron is already added to the breakfast, which means that your lunch should be white. So you can eat anything made of rice like biryani, Chinese fried rice, etc. Apart from this, you can drink anything like masala milk, lassi or chhach. And if you feel like eating sweets, you should eat makhana kheer. If you want to eat something light for lunch, you can also have idlis with coconut chutney.


Now is the turn to eat something green for dinner. So on Republic Day, eat palak sabzi with palak poori for dinner and have green vegetable soup for appetisers. If you are thinking about a green sweet, then here's the recipe for green chickpea balls made from the green gram. Want to eat something healthy? Then what could be better than a green salad?

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