Republic Day 2022: 6 Traditional Breakfast Recipes From 6 States Of India You Must Try
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Republic Day is just around the corner and Indians around the world can’t be mor excited. Every year on 26th January, India marks the day when the Indian Constitution came into effect in 1950. The whole vibe of the country changes during the time as markets are filled with tri-colour flags, badges, tri-colour sweets and more. But the highlight of the celebration is definitely the Republic Day Parade at Delhi’s Rajpath. I remember growing up we used to celebrate the national holiday by waking up early, and watching the live telecast of the parade on television. Around the country, people observe the day by hoisting the flag, singing patriotic songs in offices and societies. Another way to celebrate the day is by feasting on a lavish Indian breakfast with the family in the morning. Since it is a national holiday, it is one of those rare occasions when perhaps all your family members could be home, which means it is definitely the time to binge. And what's better than a desi morning meal to kick-start the Republic Day celebrations. 

On the occasion of Republic Day, we’ve handpicked 6 traditional Indian breakfast ideas (along with recipes) from across India for you to relish. Have your pick! 

1.Aloo Paratha With Lassi From Punjab 

Parathas, with a dollop of makkhan on top and tantalising achar on the side spells indulgence like nothing else. Don’t you agree? It is the quintessential Punjabi breakfast when completed by a lassi post the meal. Not only can you make your aloo parathas rich and wholesome, with a bi of spices in the stuffing masala, they can be drool-worthy. No wonder aloo paratha and lassi has a fan-following across the country.  

2. Pyaz Kachori From Rajasthan 

Crispy kachoris stuffed with spicy onion and masala filling makes for one delicious traditional morning meals in Rajasthan, though it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Many people enjoy it in the morning with sonth ki chutney or pair it with a cup of hot chai in evening. The mouth-watering onion-masala filling in the kachoris, makes it worth trying. 

3. Luchi and Alur Dom From Bengal 

Luchi and alur dom, together is a favourite Sunday breakfast for a lot of Bengalis. A deep-fried puri made using flour, luchi is slightly flaky from outside and soft from inside. And alur dom is a spicy gravy made with potatoes and spices like chilli powder, turmeric and garam masala. Paired with luchi, it is a wholesome meal you won’t be able to resist.  

4. Poha Jalebi From Madhya Pradesh 

You must’ve heard of Indori Poha, and if you still haven’t tried the famous poha from MP, you've missed out on a lot. Poha does not just makes for a healthy breakfast choice for all, but is also super delicious with the addition of spices and herbs. It is light, nutritious and super fulfilling. But have you ever tried it with jalebi? This popular breakfast combo from Madhya Pradesh offers a range of flavours to your palate. Kanda Poha From Maharashtra 

5. Upma From South India 

One south Indian dish that is a part of every Indian restaurant's menu, upma doesn’t just come with lot of flavour but also many variations. While the classic version has food grains cooked in water and simply seasoned with salt, many versions also include mustard seeds and curry leaves, it can also be made with vermicelli, rice, whole wheat, millet to even bread chunks. 

6. Dhokla From Gujarat 

Soft, fluffy, light on the stomach and super quick, dhokla is a perfect way to start your morning. Traditionally made with a fermented batter of besan and mild spices, dhoklas have many variations that can be prepared in jiffy. A generous drizzle of chutney with a crackling tempering on top, dhokla is definitely your best bet for R-Day celebrations.