7 Recipes That Taste Better The Next Day
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We all know that hot and scrumptious food is deliciously healthy, as you get all the nutrients from it. But do you know some foods taste better the next day? Perhaps you may have also tasted some stale things and might have found them more appetising than fresh. Today we will tell you about seven such foods that taste even more delicious if eaten stale. If you also don't feel like cooking daily, you can enjoy these foods the next day.

Tomato soup

This hot soup tastes excellent in winters, but making it every day seems like a hassle. But now there's nothing to worry about because it tastes better than the fresh soup. Many food experts claim that the aroma of the soup gets better when the soup is reheated. So a day old soup will smell of tomatoes, herbs and cream and the taste is unmatchable.


Made from spinach, mustard and fenugreek leaves, this dish is very famous in India and is very much liked during winters. If the saag is kept in the freezer overnight, heated the next day in the morning with one teaspoon of desi ghee and eaten with cornbread, then the taste gets doubled.


You can find millions of fans of this gram flour and buttermilk dish. But instead of eating it fresh, enjoy it stale the next day. Kadhi enthusiasts themselves believe that eating stale kadhi is much tastier as the spices immerse entirely in the yoghurt, giving a sour taste to it.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is the lifeline of Punjabi food. This unique lentil made by mixing urad dal and kidney beans is also called Maa ki Dal in India. As the name suggests, this dal is served with butter. So, if you want, you can store it in the fridge and have it the next day with hot rotis.

Shahi Paneer

Does shahi paneer leave you salivating? Prepared with tomatoes, cashews, and spices, this dish will surely leave you drooling. But have you tried leftover shahi paneer? If not, then you must try it with paranthas in the morning for an enhanced taste.


Rajma with plain or cumin rice is commonly eaten in India. But do you know stale rajma are much tastier than fresh ones? So, if you keep the leftover rajma in the fridge and eat it the next day in the morning, then it will give a different pleasure.

Gajar ka halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is a winter delicacy. It is one of the most favourite Indian desserts that taste great when stales. You can store it and eat it for many days. This sweet dish prepared with ghee, dry fruits, milk and carrots is terrific.