Ran Out Of Yoghurt? The 7 Best Yoghurt Substitutes For Baking
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One morning you decided to make some of your favourite cake only to see there's no yoghurt in your fridge. Don't worry it can happen to anyone. But don't let yoghurt change your baking plans because these amazing substitutes will help you get the same moist texture and also binding force. All you have to do is carefully switch the yoghurt in your recipe with the alternatives this article will talk about below.

Yoghurt is a versatile ingredient and it is used in many baking recipes. Not only that, it is also a pantry staple but there comes a time when even the common item goes missing in the kitchen or if you simply want to experiment with new ingredients and widen your culinary horizon, then these alternatives will help you achieve that.

The Following Are The Best Yoghurt Substitutes In Baking:


A common ingredient in many types of baking, buttermilk gives baked goods a tangy flavour and a creamy texture. In order to give milk a tangy flavour, cultured milk or milk that has been treated with microorganisms is typically used to make modern buttermilk. Its distinctive tartness can help some meals taste less rich, and its light consistency is perfect for aerating baked products like biscuits or pancake batter.

Sour Cream:

In baking, sour cream, especially full-fat sour cream, works well in place of yoghurt. It is suitable for a range of recipes, including cakes, muffins, and quick breads because it has a comparable tangy flavour and creamy texture.


You might be shocked to hear that one of the most prominent yoghurt substitutes is mayonnaise. Although mayo is produced from whole egg yolks rather than milk, it has a texture akin to yoghurt. The rich flavour also brings out the same flavours that yoghurt does when used in cooking, although it is noticeably tangier than yoghurt. Even baking may make use of it.

Cream Cheese:

It's a fantastic idea to use cream cheese in place of yoghurt if you're thinking about doing so. To make cream cheese, milk and cheese are blended together to create a silky paste-like outcome. It has a light texture and a mild flavour. Cream cheese is a flavourless cheese and it is produced using cow's milk. With its mild tanginess, little sweetness, and silky smooth texture, this butter is incredibly adaptable.

Heavy Cream:

Using heavy cream in place of yoghurt is a creative idea but remember heavy cream naturally doesn't have the same flavour or texture as yoghurt. But there's a solution, when heavy cream is heated or blended with other ingredients, it can act as a yoghurt substitute in your baking dishes. Thus, making heavy cream a worthy yoghurt substitute. But it still won't have the same tang that yoghurt does. However, if you are willing, you can add some lemon juice in order to create an identical flavour profile to yoghurt.

Silken Tofu:

Silken tofu is one of the newly embraced substitutes for yoghurt in baking. It helps in making some amazing dishes. The silken tofu is usually pureed in order to make dressings, desserts and sauces while acting as a yoghurt substitute. One of the best reasons to use tofu is that it imparts flavour in the dishes you incorporate so you don't compromise on taste.

Cottage Cheese:

High in protein, this substitute is not only tasty but extremely healthy. While using cottage cheese, you will have to be careful about which dishes you decide to employ as cottage cheese is saltier than yoghurt. It is advised to blend the cottage cheese with a little milk and then use it as a yoghurt alternative. It will provide a creamy, similar to yoghurt texture that your will dishes will love.