No Breadcrumbs At Home? Try These 6 Best Substitutes
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When it comes to crunchy food, we love the coating more than the inner vegetable or chicken. These crunchy outings are mostly made of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are not usually spoken of but have two main uses in the recipe. Either they act as a binder or crispy topping and coating. When used as a binder, breadcrumbs soak up the moisture and fuse everything together. Whereas when it is used as a topping, breadcrumbs can be toasted, sprinkled on top, or used to coat meat, fish, or veggies before frying or baking them to enhance flavour and texture. 

But what if you run out of breadcrumbs and do not want to visit the store? What if you want to have a gluten-free dinner and need a substitute for breadcrumbs? We have excellent handy options for breadcrumbs swaps. You can make a substitute for breadcrumbs from the everyday ingredients present in our pantry. We have collated some of the best breadcrumb substitutes for you. Take a look: 

  • Cornflakes  

This is an excellent choice because of its texture and not-too-sweet taste. All you need to do is crush the cornflakes using a food processor and proceed as you would with the breadcrumbs. Try making KFC-style chicken at home by using cornflakes as a coating. You’ll definitely love it. 

  • Rolled Oats   

Although they lack flavour, they are richer in fibre than regular breadcrumbs. Grind the oats in the food processor until a fine texture is achieved. You can use some dried herbs or some extra seasoning before using it in the recipe. 

  • Crushed Potato Chips   

Wondering what you can do with the crushed potato chips left below the chip packet? Well, you can use it to coat your chicken and make a flavourful and tasty recipe out of it. All you need to do is marinate the chicken and transform it into crushed chips. Coat them properly and deep fry them. If you buy flavoured chips, the flavour will pass onto the chicken. 

  • Shredded Coconut   

This will contribute a sweet and crunchy texture when used as a coating. You can coat pork, chicken, or veggies with shredded coconut if you lack breadcrumbs or want to try something innovative. Coconut also acts as a nice binder. 

  • Semolina (Suji)   

This is the most Indianized substitute for breadcrumbs. Semolina provides a crunchy texture if you’re making vegetable chops or chicken cutlets. It is one of the common ingredients used by street-side vendors to coat their food. 

  • Biscuits   

You need to be a little careful when using biscuits as a substitute for breadcrumbs. Not all biscuits will work here, and make sure to make a fine powder out of them. Use less-flavoured biscuits like Marie or Rusk. If you have crackers handy, they work the best. They will provide you with a buttery, slightly salty flavour.