Ramadan 2022: 5 Decadent Dishes You Can Add To Your Iftar
Image Credit: Source: mayabazaar_food/Instagram

It's that time of the year again when we’ll get to see the devotion of Muslims around the globe in the form of dawn to dusk fasting, holy prayers and evening feasts. Yes, you guessed it right. The holy month of Ramadan is starting in a week and we know that Muslims around the world have already started prepping for the same. This year, Ramadan will be celebrated from April 2 till May 2. During this one month, Muslims across the world would eat one meal called ‘sehri’ before sunrise, abstain from consuming food or water for the entire day and then end the fast in the evening with a wholesome feast called ‘iftar’. During ‘iftar’, the entire family sits together and enjoys a hearty meal that consists of some delicious dishes - starting from sheer khurma to zarda pulao and many more. Are you already prepping for the same? Well, here are five common dishes eaten during the ‘iftar’ that you can add to your ist too.

1. A Few Dates

You cannot simply dig into a feast of all things royal and delicious after a whole day of fasting. Hence, people usually break their fast with dates as they help restore their body’s glucose levels in a jiffy.

2. False Ka Sharbat

One surely needs a refreshing drink after fasting for the entire day. And when it comes to refreshing and nutritious beverages to break your fast with, false ka sharbat never disappoints. Falsa or black currant is known for its cooling properties and packs flavours in any food or drink it gets added in.

3. Nihari

If you have ever been to Old Delhi, you know how famous and loved Nihari is for its flavour and unique consistency. Best enjoyed with sheermal, nihari is made with mutton and is a decadent dish to enjoy during Ramadan.

4. Zarda Pulao

The delicious yellow-hued rice dish served with an assortment of nuts and saffron strands on the top is enough to make you ask for more. The rice dish is prepared with simple ingredients like rice, sugar, some aromatic spices and nuts, but it is a royal affair that can impress anybody.

5. Sheer Khurma

What’s better than ending a meal with a decadent dessert like sheer khurma? Nothing, right? Basically, a milk and vermicelli-based pudding, sheer khurma is an indispensable part of the Ramadan feast. The delicious pudding topped with saffron strands, nuts and dry fruits is enough to leave you drooling.