Rajma Chawal To Pav Bhaji: 4 Food Couples To Inspire You This Valentine’s Week
Image Credit: Pixabay, Can you think of other favourite food combinations?

You remember how brands advertise their products such that the name of the brand becomes synonymous with the product/service itself. We’ve got plenty of such examples, like Xerox which is considered to be another word for the act of photocopying or Maggi, our go-to name instant noodles. These have been so deeply engrained in our heads that it’s tough to break away from them. Don’t you want your love story to be like that too? Such that people take your names together as if you are one. 

History has a plethora of such examples like Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet and the like. Like they say, amar huyi inki prem kahani, wouldn’t it be cool if yours was also somewhere close to it. Since it is Valentine’s week and love is in the air, we were quite fascinated by the ways of expressing love. Delving deeper into the food angle, we realized that we have enough proof of love in the world of food too. Oh yes, you read that right. There are legit food couples that are totally inseparable. Can you think of one? 

Wait, we’ll give you a bunch of them and you should ready to be amazed. Also, you have their recipes too so why not express your love this Valentine’s in a foodie but romantic way? 

1.  Rajma Chawal 

The OG Indian dish, or so we would like to believe. Although rajma was brought to us by the Portuguese, it has become an intrinsic part of our cuisine. A thick tomato and onion curry is dunked with these dark-coloured kidney beans and served with a side of steamed or jeera rice. The moment you say rajma, rice follows. Try it yourself. 

2.  Pav Bhaji 

The classic Maharashtrian street food that is the part and parcel of their life. If there is anything Mumbaikars love apart from vada pav, it has to be pav bhaji. The pav was a gift of the Portuguese along with the potatoes for the bhaji. A buttery mélange of vegetables is served with soft, hot buns known as pav. Bhaji without pav is like fish without water. 

3.  Brownie Ice Cream 

Some of you may not adore this combination very much, but those who do, know how well the two desserts complement each other. An interesting combination of hot and cold, the brownie and ice cream pair is a clear proof that opposites attract. 

4.  Hummus Pita 

This Middle-Eastern delicacy has become quite popular in the rest of the world these days. A creamy and smooth dip made from chickpeas is paired with a soft white bread known as pita. You would find it as part of Mezze platters in several menus. While hummus can be paired with a lot of other things too, pita is its one and only love.