Rahul Gandhi Bonds With Indian Truckers Over Chai And Parathas
Image Credit: YouTube/Rahul Gandhi

Highways are one of the key lifelines of a nation’s economy and livelihood, and eateries along those highways often represent what India eats. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi proved this recently when he undertook another Yatra, this time with truckers running the Delhi-Murthal-Chandigarh circuit. The senior leader not only spoke to the truckers about their professional lives and challenges, but also shared plates of food with them. 

In a video covering the entire Yatra, Rahul Gandhi is seen engaging with truckers and also undertaking to drive from Murthal to Chandigarh with one of them, Prem Rajpoot. Apart from stopping at Gurudwara Manji Sahib in Ambala, the journey ended at a Dhaba in Dera Bassi.  

The video clearly highlights the harsh working conditions of truckers, but also focuses on the fact that Dhabas across our highways provide cheap yet delicious dishes like parathas and tandoori rotis to truckers and travellers alike.  

The very first shot of the video is of highways and that staple we all love to eat on those very highways, Tandoori Rotis. As Dhaba workers expertly roll out the Tandoori Rotis and place them in the hot tandoors, Rahul Gandhi talks to truck drivers about the hectic nature of their profession.  

When the journey ends at Dera Bassi, the truckers and the Congress leader first drink up some refreshing chai, which we are sure is loaded with ginger and cardamom like on most Punjab highways. This is followed by plates and plates of parathas, which Rahul Gandhi shares with the truckers as well as other locals and travellers.