Rahul Gandhi Spills the Beans on His Favourite Foods And More
Image Credit: YouTube: @RahulGandhi

Rahul Gandhi, a food enthusiast who has never shied away from expressing his love for food, embarked on a culinary adventure recently in Delhi alongside food expert Kunal Vijayakar. And we told you all about it here. Together, they indulged in a delectable assortment of dishes, while Rahul candidly shared his personal palate preferences.

However, while venturing through the bustling streets of the Nation's Capital, relishing a selection of crowd-favourite delicacies at the charming Bengali Market and the historic Old Delhi, the politician also opened up on his food preferences and much more. He even confessed that he last ate street food a year or two ago! 

In a new video shared by him on his YouTube channel, Rahul can be seen enjoying the chatpati chaat, and he reveals that he developed a love for aloo tikki during his time in boarding school. "When I was in boarding school, we used to have a tuck shop there; that’s where I started to like aloo ki tikki. It was very good," he told Kunal. The latter, as they sat at Nathu’s Sweets in Bengali Market to savour some chole bhature, asked Gandhi a string of rapid-fire food questions, and the responses were quite interesting.

So tea or coffee? The age-old question is put to rest as Rahul reveals his preference for a steaming cup of coffee to jumpstart his day and a soothing cup of tea to unwind in the evenings. Furthermore, when it comes to satisfying his sweet tooth, Indian mithai and confections reign supreme, outshining even the most exquisite French desserts.

As for spicy cuisine, Rahul's taste buds prefer a more subtle approach, opting for mild dishes over a tongue-scorching fare. And one of the million-dollar questions was: Is there any politician who makes great food? As per the Gandhi scion, "Lalu Prasad Yadav makes great food."

However, out of the three in his family, his mother, Sonia Gandhi, is the best cook, he said, adding that he mostly eats at his mother’s or sister’s place. "I make one of the best omelettes," Rahul exclaimed, disclosing that he frequently turns to this savoury egg dish as a late-night meal option.

When prompted to reveal his favourite Indian cuisines, Rahul promptly responded, "I like South Indian food. I like Punjabi cuisine, such as chhole bhature, paranthas, etc. My favourite dishes are tandoori chicken and butter chicken." Well, there you go—if you are a fan of Rahul, you know his soft spots!